Extra Polar Ice

Flavor: The flavor of Extra Polar Ice is unlike any other mint gum on the market today. It’s sort of a sweet-mint, closer to a wintermint flavor than a pepper or spearmint. It refreshes the mouth from the very first chew, irradicating any hint of offensive odor your breath may have had. The flavor is not only pleasant, but it lasts and lasts. While the initial punch of flavor fades a bit after a few minutes, it never completely disappears. I cannot ever recall a time when a piece of Extra Polar Ice gave out on me when I’ve needed it – My mouth has remained minty fresh from first chew to wrapper-discard.
Texture: Again, Extra Polar Ice is truly a unique gum, and this especially is true when we consider its texture. Each slice of Extra Polar ice is embedded with hundreds of tiny flavor beads (for lack of a better word – Extra’s packaging does not name or call out these beads) that crack and pop in your mouth for the first few minutes of chewing. The outer coating of the beads eventually dissolve away, leaving you with a not-too-firm, not-too-soft wad of pure chewing satisfaction. The texture, like the flavor, does not falter with time; it remains chewable and elastic through the end of the chew. Extra Polar Ice is a chewing gum, not a bubble gum, so bubbles are all-but-impossible to blow. However, cracking this gum is a pleasure.
Overall: Extra Polar Ice is my all-time favorite gum, and it has been for quite some time now. It is the standard to which I judge all other gums. I am rarely without a pack of Extra Polar Ice in my purse. Rating: ooooo (five gumballs)