Orbit Wildberry Remix

Flavor : Sometimes, when gum emulates a flavor we experience elsewhere in the world, it’s a true delight. Chocolate chip mint ice cream, for example, or strawberry shortcake. But there are some flavors we don’t ever want to experience again, like, say, grape Children’s Chewable Tylenol. And that’s exactly what Orbit Wildberry Remix tastes like to me. When I first opened the package, I thought it smelled a little like grape Big League Chew, and I was excited for that first piece, but I quickly realized upon chewing that the scent I’d detected from my childhood was none other than grape Children’s Chewable Tylenol. I hated it then, and I hate it now. The smell is so overwhelming I may have to toss the rest of the pack. Who wants to be reminded of headaches and fevers? Not me.

Texture : I don’t want to chew this long enough to find out how the texture will hold up. It’s fine, I don’t know, I just want to get this lousy taste out of my mouth.

Presentation : The fashion packs are getting cooler, that’s for sure. There’s a contest on the inside of the flap for a chance to win something called “Orbit bucks.” When I investigated the contest, I was annoyed to find that it was yet another product culling contact information for a vague reward. “Bucks” are applied in the Orbit store, where you can buy lots of things, from gift cards to books to “dorm decor.” I guess if you’re an avid Orbit chewer, it’s nice, but it seems like a lot of steps that most folks won’t really take. Two ways to enter: 1. Take a picture of an illustration in the pack and text it to Orbit (and whatever happens after you do that). 2. Enter the secret password onto their website (after filling out a form with all your contact information). You then win a certain amount of bucks which can be applied to prizes, which are categorized according to type and value. Whatever happened to scratch and win? I just don’t think this is worth it. If you think I’m wrong– shoot us a comment and let us know what cool stuff you’ve bought with your Orbit bucks.

Overall : At least Chewable Tylenol cures headaches. This stuff gives me one.

Rating : o (one gumball)

Orbit Fruit Punch

Flavor: Well, you missed the boat on your “Mystery Flavor” with this one, Orbit. Because… I don’t know what the heck this is supposed to be, but it sure isn’t any fruit punch I’ve ever had before. When you name a candy or a gum “fruit punch,” as with all common flavors, there are certain expectations your audience is going to have about what it’s supposed to taste like. Fruit punch, real fruit punch, can I guess be pretty much anything– orange + cranberry + ruby red grapefruit maybe (oo, throw a little rum in there while you’re at it…), but when we’re talking about the standard fruit punch flavor, it’s a very specific taste we’re talking about. I hated fruit punch flavor growing up, from Ssips to special edition Starburst, but I know a whole lot of people who really love it, and they would be totally disappointed in this gum. Standard fruit punch flavor is not easy to describe, sort of wild, lots of cherry in there and sugar, maybe some citrus undertones, a round fruity finish. This gum, however, is easy to describe: It doesn’t taste like anything. It’s just sort of… sweet. And it’s cold, it has that minty cold sensation, although it doesn’t even tout some kind of mint variety on it, like their other strange combos, “Citrus Mint,” “Raspberry Mint.” Blech.
Texture: What’s going on, Orbit? Are you feeling all right? Because you’re just not performing up to par these days, and you’re a real go-getter, a real champ in the gum world. This gum is too tough, creates a foam in your teeth, and– unheard of for Orbit– this gum has a dull squeak to it.

Presentation: Fashion pack, smashion pack. This gum is just kind of lame.
Overall: I’m disappointed in you, Orbit. We’ve had such wonderful times together, and I’m afraid I’m beginning to become skeptical of your… experimentation with new flavors. Take some time off. Relax. Then get back to work, and make your fans proud.
Rating: oo (two gumballs )

Orbit Strawberry Remix

Flavor: Orbit tends to prefer adding mint to their non-mint varieties (see Maui Melon Mint, Strawberry Mint or Raspberry Mint for examples), and it was difficult for me, for a while, to get into Orbit because of it. I’m a purist, I suppose – I don’t want mint in my Bubblegum. If I want a cooling, fresh feeling I’m gonna pop a Peppermint or a Polar Ice. However, with the introduction of last year’s Perfect Peach, which was, indeed, darn near perfect, my opinion of Orbit as a general line started to come around. Strawberry Remix is straight-up artificial strawberry, and I totally dig it. A tangy, juicy burst on first chew, this gum mellows out into a delightful fruity chew that lasts and lasts. It totally reminds me of the Hubba Bubbas and Bubblicious strawberry cubes of my youth. The flavor is so good, it tastes like it could be a sugared gum.

Texture: It just doesn’t get better than this. From start to finish, the gum remains modestly firm, yet fantastically flexible enough to produce big, awesome bubbles that won’t stick to your nose. The wad itself is smooth and silky – none of those weird white grainy bits that have been annoying the crap out of me lately with other brands.

Presentation: As evidenced by our poll to the right, it seems that the general feedback on the Orbit fashion packs is neutral to positive. Most of you don’t seem to care either way, so I’m going to stop complaining about them moving forward. If you like the fashion packs, you’ll like this one, if you think they’re dumb, you won’t. I certainly don’t feel that my fashion sense is somehow enhanced when I pull this out of my purse. I will say, though, that the outer wrapper of this gum was simply stunning. What a gorgeous rendition of a plump, juicy strawberry! Seems such a shame to waste such beautiful graphics on a cello wrap that’s going to be thrown away immediately.

Overall: I can’t find a single fault about this gum. I’ve bought this gum to review four times, and three of those times I couldn’t help but chew through the entire pack before reviewing it. It’s juicy and refreshing, fun to crack and pop. If you’re looking for a fruit bomb to add to your summer chewing lineup, you’re going to want to buy multi-packs of this one. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner.

Rating: ooooo (five gumballs)

Orbit Mist Crisp Mint Waterfall

Flavor : With Orbit Mist, I’ve come to expect a great burst of flavor-filled hydration when I chomp down, but I don’t get that from the line’s newest flavor, Crisp Mint Waterfall. It’s one of those bland minty flavors that doesn’t go anywhere or have any “definition,” good for those that aren’t into intense chewing experiences, but for me there’s just nothing there.

Texture: This is horrible. It’s almost like I got a stale pack, but this is a brand new flavor and I purchased it in a newly-opened convenience store, so it’s not like it’s been sitting on the shelf for a year. It’s super tough from start to finish, my jaw aches just getting it to soften down, and once it’s semi-malleable, it remains a danger to my dental work. There’s little to no elasticity.

Presentation: Orbit Mist jumps the shark. The packaging used to stand out from the standard Orbit line, but they’ve gone and “fashion packed” it. I miss the refreshing ripples and metallic accents. My sympathies go out to the color blind, as I’m not sure they’d be able to see the dot-matrix Marlin that’s hanging out all stealthy on the package (not that it’s anything to get all excited about anyway). In fact, the outer cello wrap is far more impressive and exciting than what lives inside.

Overall: What’s going on, Orbit? Your Mist line was so refreshing, pun very much intended. And now it’s more of the same old, same old. Acutally, it’s not even the same old, same old. It’s much, much worse.

Rating: o (one gumball)

Orbit Piña Colada

Flavor : I have to admit, of all the alcoholic-flavored chewing gums out there, this one seems to be the most successful. The minty afterglow is a surprisingly nice substitute for the iciness of an actual piña colada, and both the pineapple and coconut flavors are present and well balanced. It’s almost sickeningly sweet, but so are piña coladas, so I have to let that one slide.

Texture : True to form, this Orbit gum is a good chew, through and through– not too soft, not to firm, long-lasting. 

Presentation : The hip, minimalist “fashion pack” strikes again. I’m not so sure it helps to market this particular flavor, however. This is a fun gum, an indulgent vacation where calories don’t count and you can just throw your cell phone into the ocean and relax. Why not go totally fun and cartoony in the packaging? How about a pineapple in a hula skirt and coconut-shell bra, holding a coconut-shell umbrella, ironically caught in the rain. Get it? Because the lyrics of the song… nevermind. 

Overall : So if you like piña coladas or getting caught in the rain, you’re in for a treat here folks (again with the song lyrics). During my research on this gum, I came across this review on The Impulsive Buy, and I must say, I too await the day that Orbit IPA or Orbit Golden Lager hits the shelves.

Rating : ooooo (five gumballs )

Orbit Tropical Remix

First, I’d like to apologize for the dearth of posts lately at GumAlert. We know it’s no excuse, but we both have been at sort of a cross-roads lately career-wise and it’s reflected upon this blog. We know you depend on GumAlert for your weekly dose of gummy verbosity, and these last couple weeks, we’ve let you down. The good news is that we’re both on track again, and both of our gum queues are epic, so there’s lots to come!

Flavor: First chew is phenomenal, however, it’s nothing new – this exact flavor profile has been duplicated time and again by every manufacturer. There’s nothing new about this remix – it’s a tropical drink in stick form. This one’s heavy on the mandarin flavor. I think that to call a gum “remix,” some thing needs to be changed up here. It’s just more of the same. The initial punch lasts pleasantly long, but when it fades, it gets kid of bitter, like an orange peel.

Texture: No huge complaints on texture. There’s a period about 4 – 6 minutes into the chew that you think you might have a dissolver on your hands, but it re-adheres to itself and the crisis is averted. It’s a nice gum for snapping.

Presentation: Alright, this has to be addressed, and I suppose now is as good a time as any. Orbit’s all over the TV lately touting their new “fashion packs,” and I, for one, say “WTF, Orbit?” I mean, sure. They look ok, I guess? But what’s the point? Orbit always had eye-pleasing packaging to begin with, and they spent what I can only guess to be millions of dollars on redesigning every package in their line. What of the reason we’re buying it in the first place – the GUM itself? Orbit’s at the top of the pack when it comes to quality of the brand as a whole, but there’s so much more that can be done. Can you imagine the new and interesting flavors they could come up with if they invested some of the wasted packaging marketing dollars on food scientists? Or if they fiddled around with the texture of Citrusmint? We could be missing out on a potentially perfect gum, all because Orbit is wasting their efforts on silly “fashion packs.” And my biggest complaint about them? There’s no indication on the outside of the pack what the flavor is, and that’s a serious issue for someone like Katie or I who has upwards of 15 packs of gum in our purse at any given time. It’s a pain in the rear to have to open the pack to see what the flavor is. Fail, Orbit.

Overall: Packaging issues aside, this is a great gum, and definitely worth a try. It would have gotten 5 gumballs if the whole tropical thing wasn’t so overplayed and imitated; gums this good are a dime a dozen, really.

Rating: oooo (four gumballs)

Orbit Mist Spearmint Spritzer

Flavor : It seems that every time I’ve purchased this gum to review it, I eat the entire pack before getting the chance to review it. I’ve reviewed a lot of spearmint gums already, but this one stands out as a unique flavor amid a sea of spearmint varieties. Slightly sweet and delightfully cold, this Orbit Mist takes spearmint to a newer, more refreshing place– a sort of cleansing, wintery feeling, reserved usually for gums that use words like “Polar” and “Freeze.” I’ve found that most spearmints offer more in the way of flavor than sensation, but this is a cool treat on a hot day, an ice cube at the bottom of your soda cup, and it still has those green spearmint properties we all know and love.

Texture : The packaging attributes the “hydrating sensation” to “micro-bursts,” but I can’t help but feel like the “wetness” of this gum has nothing to do with the little beads that crunch at the start of the chew. It’s an enduring sensation, and does feel as though it’s hydrating, like that ice cube melting on your tongue. The texture otherwise stays just firm enough for as long as you choose to chew.

Presentation : Orbit Mist is all about the slightly askew concentric circles, perhaps imitating ripples in water around a raindrop. The package is metallic blue, and when combined with the circles, portrays the ice cold hydration that is present throughout the whole chew.

Overall : I’ve bought at least half a dozen packs of this gum (at least) before saving one measly piece for a review. That fact alone almost invariably ensures a rating of five gumballs, and most definitely does in this case.

Rating : ooooo (five gumballs )

Orbit Peppermint

Flavor: I’ve been chewing and reviewing an awful lot of peppermint gums lately, but this peppermint is a little different from the rest. Peppermint flavor is hard to explain, so I don’t know how much sense this is going to make, but the flavor of this gum is a little more “wintry” than the other peppermints. It’s got the cool breath-freshening sensation, but a really nice, warm undertone. As usual, the Orbit flavor really lasts. I’ve been chewing about 20 minutes now, and I can still taste the initial flavor burst.
Texture: While the chew itself is alright in terms of malleability, it doesn’t really lend itself to “playing with” in the mouth. If you try to spread it over your tongue, it gets thin and “webby” too easily. The gum also has a slight squeak, though nothing that would make me self-conscious in a business meeting.
Presentation: I keep meaning to pick up my Orbit in their new funky packaging (which deserves a post all to itself, I think,) but I always forget, or it’s not around when I pick up a pack. This particular pack is standard Orbit “mint gum” packaging: Blue metallic inks and a centered brand logo. Nothing fancy, nothing special.
Overall: As far as peppermints go, this one’s fantastic. I do have to take a point off for the weird texture, but that’s really my only complaint. I can see this being a lot of people’s favorite gum.Rating: oooo (four gumballs)

Orbit Perfect Peach

Flavor: Orbit’s new Perfect Peach is true to its name – it tastes like peach, and there’s something to be said for that. Peach is a rare flavor in candy nowadays, with the exception of old standbys like Jolly Ranchers and Haribo Gummies. Most often peach is mixed in with other fruity flavors, but it’s a great fruit, and I’m glad to see Orbit give peach its day in the sun. The flavor burst is tangy and sweet, but once the flavor fades, it becomes almost too sweet, although it does stick around for a while. A truly “perfect” peach would stay nice and tangy from start to finish.

Texture: Awesome. Initial bite is a perfect blend of firm and soft, and it melds into an absolutely incredible wad. You can pop and crack it, and blow bubbles, and the texture remains true until you dispose of the piece. It feels almost “shiny” in your mouth, if you can imagine it.

Presentation: A simple, no-frills orange-yellow, with a subtle pointillist peach behind the Orbit logo. Pleasing to the eye, but nothing special.

Overall: When I first chewed this gum, the first pack was gone in a flash, and I told my sister that it was the most amazing new gum to come along since Orbit Mist Peppermint Spray. But the more I chew, the more sick I get of the sweetness. Maybe, as our friend Chris suggested, I burned myself out on it, but I just don’t find myself devouring this like I did at first. Nevertheless, it’s a fantastic gum that deserves much praise. Rating: oooo (four gumballs)

Orbit Mist Raspberry Lemon Dew

Flavor: The newest addition to the Orbit Mist family is the sweet-tart Raspberry Lemon Dew. When I offered a piece of this gum to my husband, he refused it, saying that raspberry lemonade “isn’t a flavor gum should be.” Au contraire, mon ami. The Orbit Mist line prides itself on being the “wettest gum in the world,” and its packaging proudly calls out “a hydrating sensation.” What’s more hydrating on a hot summer day than a nice tall glass of lemonade? The flavor here is spot-on, it’s like they took the chemical flavor profile of a canister of Country Time powder and added chicle to it. It’s really fantastic, starts out strong and then fades to be very mellow, but never loses its tang completely.

Texture: Near perfection. As noted many times previously, I’m a big fan of “crunchies” in gum in whatever form, and the micro-bursts(tm) provide just the right amount of grit before dissolving themselves into the gum. The wad itself is soft and pliable, and lends itself greatly to cracking and snapping. It even blows pretty good bubbles if you stick with it.

Presentation: The graphic design on the Orbit Mist line is pleasing to the eye, generally. They get their “hydrating” message across in an effective way by incorporating subtle “ripples” in the cool blue semi-metallic inks. The purple and yellow in the circular “burst” touting the flavor work surprizingly well together, and the little raspberry-lemon icons are charmingly cartoonish.

Overall: The packaging here really lets you know what to expect, and the gum does not let you down. I bought a single pack of this gum about a week ago and it was gone within two days, and I recently replenished my supply with a 3-pack, and have chewed through half of it before finally sitting down and writing this review. It’s a gum I find myself reaching for and popping stick after stick in my mouth. I think this, along with Orbit’s new Perfect Peach (to be reviewed next week) are going to be my “summer gums” this season. It’s just right.Rating: ooooo (five gumballs)