Hubba Bubba Max Mystery Flavor

Flavor : I usually have a tough time figuring out mystery flavors, but this one came to me pretty quickly. As with all Hubba Bubba Max varieties, this gum starts out with a punch of flavor and fades fast. At first, I was sure that the mystery flavor here was (drumroll please…) sour cherry. I was pleased to discover a cherry flavor, as there’s a shortage of cherry flavors in the gum market these days, but Hubba Bubba Max already offers Sweet & Sassy Cherry, and I’d be interested if a blind taste test would shed some light on whether or not this is indeed the same re-marketed gum. Upon further chewing, however, I detected a fruit punch undertone, and wonder if that was the mystery unveiled. Perhaps we’ll never know. But even so, I’m pretty sure there’s a fruit punch Hubba Bubba out there, too.

Texture : The pieces are giant, great for bubble blowing and looking really cool on the playground. It’s your standard Hubba Bubba base, through and through.

Presentation : Apparantly, question marks indicate mystery flavors these days. First Stride Mega Mystery, then Juicy Fruit Juicy Secret, and now Hubba Bubba Max Mystery Flavor. I suppose it makes sense, but I wish Hubba Bubba had gone out on a limb and gone with a more creative design. Being a very kid-centric company, they have the flexibility in design to really be tacky and fun, and this just sort of falls in line with all the other boring “mystery” flavors out there.

Overall : I don’t know what I was expecting, but I was a little disappointed with this mystery flavor. I want to be baffled, I want to have an argument about what the flavor could be, but this just feels like a very easily answered question. If any of y’all disagree, please comment and let me know what you think of this so-called “mystery.”

Rating : ooo (three gumballs )

Hubba Bubba Max Strawberry Watermelon

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Flavor : Unlike many of its sister gums (Hubba Bubba Sweet n’ Sassy Cherry, for instance), this gum does not pack a sour punch, not even a little. It’s as sweet as a sugar cube, with a hint of watermelon. The first bite was really pleasant, your standard fake-watermelon flavor that doesn’t at all come close to real watermelon (but then, if it did, kids probably wouldn’t beg their parents for dollar bills to buy it with their friends at 7-11). The strawberry and watermelon are both present, and the flavor is simple and fairly classic in terms of Hubba Bubba-esque gums.

Texture : The chunks are huge! It’s like stuffing a big old hunk of taffy in your mouth on the boardwalk, a true delight. The chew is hearty and consistent for at least ten minutes, which says a lot for a sugar-based gum. The bubbles are, as with all Hubba Bubba, really impressive.

Presentation : I was curious what qualities made this particular Hubba Bubba “max,” and discovered on the Wrigley website this explanation: “…Hubba Bubba Max gum – a unique and captivating product with extraordinarily long lasting flavor and the combinations of two colors and two flavors in one chunk.” I don’t know that the flavor of this gum is “extraordinarily long lasting,” although it does last longer than I remember the original Hubba Bubba lasting when I was a kid. The hunks themselves seem to me to be much larger, and since things usually seem smaller the older you get, I’m assuming that the size of the pieces must have actually increased in size over time.

Overall : I wouldn’t pick this one over, say, Bubblicious Cotton Candy or the aforementioned Hubba Bubba Sweet n’ Sassy Cherry. When compared to some of the other gums that punch you in the face with flavor, this one really doesn’t stand on its own. But it is what it is, and I’m sure it’s plenty of kids’ favorite.

Rating : oooo (four gumballs )

Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape Triple Treat

*Note : Thanks to the advice of an insightful reader, we’ve decided to add a new category to our gum reviews. Henceforth, in addition to flavor, texture and overall, we will also comment on the topic “Presentation.”

Flavor : Oh wowee wow wow, about fifteen years ago I’d have died and gone to heaven with this little gem. Bubble Tape was always fun, but to me it really was just a glorified bubble gum. This new flavor is reminiscent of one of my all-time favorite childhood treats, Laffy Taffy. And I’m not talking about the regular kind you get on Halloween, I’m talking about the super-fun candy-ba-sized strawberry Laffy Taffy with the crunchy candy seeds pressed into it. It’s tangy and sweet, with hints of blueberry, strawberry, and watermelon. After about ten minutes chewing, the flavor is more like a dull cotton candy, which is a pretty nice bonus.

Texture : This gum is manufactured for one purpose: fun. It packs “six feet of fun,” although I regrettably never got a chance to measure for accuracy (it was gifted to me half-eaten and much-coveted by Shannon who, for Mommy reasons, can’t eat soy for a while). The first sensation is a rather disagreeable chalkiness, as the tape is covered in near-flavorless sugar powder to avoid sticking to itself (I assume) when it’s rolled up. Ripping off about half a foot produces a nice sized hunk of gum, even after chewing for a while, and it does blow a pretty consistent bubble, although they don’t get as big as they do with regular Hubba Bubba.

Presentation : This container screams “FORFEIT LUNCH AND SPEND THE MONEY MOM GAVE YOU ON BUBLE TAPE.” It’s hard plastic which, although probably not the greatest for the environment, is way cool to take out and share with your friends. I imagine composing a formula that allows such malleability that it coils like tape without ever drying out or cracking was quite a feat. Not to mention that there appears to be glitter both INSIDE THE GUM and in the package itself. Also, the fruits pictured are strawberry, blueberry and watermelon, and I’ve got to say, all the flavors are there on the initial chew.

Overall : O Hubba Bubba triple treat, where were you on the playground when I was trying to make friends and endure awkward pre-adolescence? If we had met back then… perhaps everything would have been different.

Rating : ooooo five gumballs

Hubba Bubba Glop Strawberry Gush

Flavor : Let me start out with a disclaimer: This gum is not intended for adults. Glop is a marketing strategy geared expressly toward children in all of its attributes– it’s fun, it’s teeth-hurtingly sweet, and there’s nothing healthy about it. That said, the flavor is a super sugary strawberry, far too sweet for a mature palate but, I’d imagine, just right for young taste buds. It’s filled with a sugar syrup (Glop) that dissolves almost immediately. The flavor subsides altogether soon after the glop dissipates, leaving the chewer longing for another shot of Glop.

Texture : This egg-shaped gum is unique compared to the ordinary over-the-counter package. The shiny outer shell crunches a lot like a gumball, but the soft inside stays true to Hubba Bubba classics. The glop could be more abundant, and it’s nearly impossible to blow a bubble with it at any stage of chewing.

Overall : This gum is really more of a candy than a gum. The gum that remains after the initial crunch and glop explosion is hardly a gum at all, a stale old gumball. But for kids, I’m sure the neat packaging (a hard plastic tube that might be reused for something kids reuse plastic containers for) and the wild ‘n crazy glop-ness of it are incredibly appealing. I, for one, would never have been allowed to eat it, but definitely would have saved up change to buy myself a pack now and again and eat it on the walk home from the corner store.

Rating : ooo (three gumballs )

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Hubba Bubba Max Island Punch

Flavor : As per usual with sugary gums, I feel like an alcoholic drinking my first real beer after many years gone dry when I chew this gum. The flavor is initially delicious, much like a fruit punch lollipop, with a little extra flavor that’s faintly reminiscent of cherry blowpops. After years of sucralose and xylitol, some good ol’ fashioned sugar and corn syrup really hits the spot. I imagine kids and adults alike would really enjoy this flavor. Fruit punch for the kiddies, rum punch for the rest of us.

Texture : I got to tell you, this gum can blow some serious bubbles. The longer you chew, the bigger and better the bubble. It’s got incredible elasticity and seems to be intended for the sole purpose of blowing some slamming bubbles and packing some serious flavor punch (pardon the pun).

Overall : Shannon and I both had to chew some sugary gumz for our professional photoshoot to update our disturbing blog picture (thanks Colin! Photo coming soon). Shannon chewed strawberry and I chewed Island Punch, and I could instantly rate this gum a lot easier than other sugar gums, because I had a fair comparison sitting right next to me (Usually it’s difficult for me to be un-biased as a loyal non-sugar gum chewer). Shannon regretted that we couldn’t find Big League Chew because it blew better bubbles, but my gum blew better bubbles than any wad of Big League Chew that I can recall. She muttered “This is disGUSTing” intermittently and with each utterance I was reminded of how tasty my gum was. This gum is really good, and I don’t even like sugar gums, or fruit punch, or green candy really as a general rule. I just gave my roommate a piece and I think he put it best: “Mmmm. Me gusta. That’s good.”
Rating: ooooo (five gumballs )

Hubba Bubba OUCH!

Flavor: What does it matter? It’s bubblegum. I’d even go to far as to call it a superior bubblegum. (Most sugarfree versions of sugared brands of gum are superior, as a general rule. I long to find sugarfree bubbletape again.) But, big deal. It’s impossible to rate this gum objectively.

Texture: Good. Great. Fine. Awesome. Who cares?
Overall: Okay, here we go. I’m hoping that anyone over the age of, say, 25, can feel me on this one.
I vividly remember OUCH! gum when I was a kid. It was most definitely sugared gum, of the fruity variety (though it wasn’t a very strong fruit flavor – I actually think it was more bubblegum than fruit.) It came in a band-aid tin which made it completely awesome to a kid. It was an actual metal tin that I remember re-using for other gum, candies, change, whatever.

The gum itself was wrapped in a paper wrapper that had a printing of a band-aid on it. Why this was awesome, I have no idea, but it was indeed quite awesome. I remember feeling like I was the shizz when a classmate would be all, “Got any gum?” and I’d whip out my band-aid tin of OUCH! gum and hand them a piece of band-aid wrapped sugary goodness. Oh, it was awesome.

Apparently, Hubba Bubba bought the rights to OUCH! gum years later and redesigned the package. I feel like this redesign was after my time, as I don’t remember seeing it or tasting it. I can’t tell you much about it, but I found this picture online:

So what we can deduce is: OUCH! went corporate, but Hubba Bubba had the brains to, at the very least, continue packaging it in its signature metal band-aid tin. I can’t speak to the sugar content (anyone know if the new verson was sugarfree?) or the taste (it looks like there are three flavors in the pack – grape, watermelon and strawberry) but the look new look was fun, whimsical, and nostalgic.
But now. Now! Oh, Hubba Bubba. What have you done??

It’s just a friggin’ pack of gum! It’s a pack. of. sugarfree. bubblegum. Who cares? The only thing reminiscent of the OUCH! gum of my youth is the band-aid on the front of the package, and the OUCH! logo. And that’s where it ends. The front of the package proudly declares, “Games INSIDE!” and you open up the pack to reveal:
Oh, big WHOOP. “How Many? How many crutches are outside the emergency room?” And you have to search through the crudely drawn picture to find the 5 obvious crutches. There’s a little bubble “LOOK FOR MORE GAMES IN PACKS OF OUCH!” as if the 0.4 seconds of fun I had searching for crudely drawn crutches would be enough to draw me back to buy more OUCH! gum. Hardly. There’s not even any band-aid printing on the gum wrappers. It’s JUST. GUM. Katie and my husband both think that the “OUCH!” logo on the front of the package actually works as a reason NOT to buy the gum – that it’s some kind of super sour gum that will hurt you by chewing it.
Oh, I have been hurt by chewing OUCH! gum, Hubba Bubba. But not on my tongue, in my heart. No matter how flavorful this gum may be, no matter how perfect the bubbles it blows or how long the consistency lasts, Hubba Bubba has struck out big time with this one. They haven’t even tried. I implore you to boycott OUCH! gum, and just buy Extra Classic Bubble if bubblegum flavor is the hankering you have.
Rating: o (one gumball)

Hubba Bubba Max Sweet & Sassy Cherry

Flavor: As avid (and often compulsive) gumchewers, my sister and I tend to favor sugarfree varieties, to ward off cavities and all that stuff we were taught when we were little. We received an email recently from a reader, TS, who wondered about the absence of cherry gum on the market. He reported that he loves cherry and yet has noticed a definite void in cherry gums. Shannon did some research and found that, indeed, there is quite a lack of cherry varieties, nearly a complete hole in our favorite sugarfree brands. There was once an Eclipse cherry that tasted startlingly of cherry cough syrup and that didn’t stay on the shelves for very long. Shannon postulated that perhaps the cherry flavor doesn’t translate well to the sugar substitutes, and she’s probably right. Hubba bubba tastes exactly like cherry candy– cherry blow pops, cherry laffy taffy, cherry jolly ranchers. It’s delicious, much like other sugary cherry candies, and the flavor actually lasts a fairly long time for a sugar-based kids gum.

Texture: It’s extraordinarily meaty, like most sugary gums. The pieces are enormous at first because the sugar tends to dissolve more readily than substitute sweeteners in other gums. I have to say, the sheer girth, and the soft, malleable form was refreshing. We’ve been blowing these pathetic little bubbles and rating them as excellent, but it’s not until now that I am thoroughly enjoying the bubble blowing as much as the chewing. And it’s been that way for almost 15 minutes now. It’s a hubba bubba of a gum.

Overall: TS, I implore you to seek out this gum, it’s a true delight. But, be warned, sugary gum leads to lots of scary things if you chew it to excess (and you’ll want to chew this gum to excess), like root canals and fillings (shudder). I’ll get off my soap box for this one, though, and commend hubba bubba for a job well done. It might not be sugar free, but it sure is worth it.

Rating: ooooo (five gumballs)

Bubbaloo Sour Cherry

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Flavor: Oh, MAN is this gum good. Like, for serious, guys. It’s got a liquid center that offers just the perfect amount of soury goodness before fading into this amazing artificial cherry flavor. Being a sugar-based bubblegum, the flavor doesn’t last very long, but that’s to be expected. This is a gum for kids, and they generally don’t have an attention span worthy of a gum that lasts an Extra, Extra, Extra long time. Yes, this is a worthy bubblegum, one that every kid should have in their backpack at all times.

Texture: MAN! This gum is GOOD! It starts out with the delightful aforementioned liquid center explosion and it just goes from good to great. I’d put this in my top 5, nay, my top 3 all-time bubble blowing gums. This gum blows a mean bubble (take note if you’re still looking for a gum to use to enter our Bubble Blowing Contest) and it’s not overly sticky like some other bubblegums out there. Though I admit I haven’t been courageous enough to blow a bubble big enough that it coats my classes upon bursting, I certainly don’t have any issues getting it off of my face or lips at all. (ETA: I just burst a bubble all over my glasses, and while it left a smudge, it came RIGHT off with no sticky residue!) The texture is soft, but not mushy. Firm, but not hard. It’s “slick” and “shiny” or “smooth” in the mouth, the type of texture I yearn for when I chew gum.

Presentation: Our friend at sent us four flavors of Bubbaloo in a boxes that opens to be displays. A quick google image search leads me to believe that this is the only way Bubbaloo is packaged. It’s a shame, because this gum surely deserves a spot next to the Hubba Bubbas and Bubbliciouses of the world. I’ve never, to my knowledge, even seen it on a counter in a store – I would think that merchants would hesitate to put out this type of display in this day and age, with theft and all. However, a box of 60 of them is only $3.89 over at, and it would totally be worth it if you can’t find them anywhere else.

Overall: MAN, THIS GUM IS GOOD!!!!

Rating: ooooo (five gumballs)

Bubble Tape Mystery Flavor

Flavor: Blue Raspberry. Mystery solved. Starts off crazy awesome tart, stopping just short of the “too sour” mark (though I think that it may be too sour for some, if you’re sensitive to that kinda thing). It settles nicely into your standard sweet blue raspberry, and lasts surprizingly long for a sugar-based gum. Delicious.

Texture: Perfection. Not too soft, not too hard, Its pliability lends itself to fantastic bubbles that don’t stick.

Presentation: It’s your standard Bubble Tape hockey puck-sized plastic container. Nothing really to note here, Hubba Bubba again tries to stump the chewer by slathering question marks all over to create an aura of great mysteriousness. It’s getting old.

Overall: This is a fine gum, but it’d have been just as fine if they’d have packaged it as “Blue Raspberry” and been done with it. With a mystery flavor, I feel there has to be at least SOME semblance of mystery: Is it white grape, or purple? Is it a tropical punch, or fruit punch? What berry am I tasting? But no, they just took one of the most recognizable flavors and slapped some question marks on it. Whatever. It’s a good gum, definitely worth trying more than one.

Rating: oooo (four gumballs)

Orbit Strawberry Remix

Flavor: Orbit tends to prefer adding mint to their non-mint varieties (see Maui Melon Mint, Strawberry Mint or Raspberry Mint for examples), and it was difficult for me, for a while, to get into Orbit because of it. I’m a purist, I suppose – I don’t want mint in my Bubblegum. If I want a cooling, fresh feeling I’m gonna pop a Peppermint or a Polar Ice. However, with the introduction of last year’s Perfect Peach, which was, indeed, darn near perfect, my opinion of Orbit as a general line started to come around. Strawberry Remix is straight-up artificial strawberry, and I totally dig it. A tangy, juicy burst on first chew, this gum mellows out into a delightful fruity chew that lasts and lasts. It totally reminds me of the Hubba Bubbas and Bubblicious strawberry cubes of my youth. The flavor is so good, it tastes like it could be a sugared gum.

Texture: It just doesn’t get better than this. From start to finish, the gum remains modestly firm, yet fantastically flexible enough to produce big, awesome bubbles that won’t stick to your nose. The wad itself is smooth and silky – none of those weird white grainy bits that have been annoying the crap out of me lately with other brands.

Presentation: As evidenced by our poll to the right, it seems that the general feedback on the Orbit fashion packs is neutral to positive. Most of you don’t seem to care either way, so I’m going to stop complaining about them moving forward. If you like the fashion packs, you’ll like this one, if you think they’re dumb, you won’t. I certainly don’t feel that my fashion sense is somehow enhanced when I pull this out of my purse. I will say, though, that the outer wrapper of this gum was simply stunning. What a gorgeous rendition of a plump, juicy strawberry! Seems such a shame to waste such beautiful graphics on a cello wrap that’s going to be thrown away immediately.

Overall: I can’t find a single fault about this gum. I’ve bought this gum to review four times, and three of those times I couldn’t help but chew through the entire pack before reviewing it. It’s juicy and refreshing, fun to crack and pop. If you’re looking for a fruit bomb to add to your summer chewing lineup, you’re going to want to buy multi-packs of this one. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner.

Rating: ooooo (five gumballs)