Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Stride Tropical Trance

Flavor: I've got to give it to Stride, they are good at marketing. In this case, it feels like a flavor was developed, this sort of tropical flavor, and nobody in the tasting room could really figure out what it was supposed to taste like. It is, indeed, fruity, but I can't detect one individual fruit flavor in there.  One food scientist must have said to the other, "It tastes... tropically?"  And the other food scientist suggested they just shoot it up to marketing to work with that.  So that's what you have.  "Tropical Trance,"  a vague, nutra-sweet, fruity-esque flavor, that errs on the side of the tropical spectrum of fruitiness.  That apparently puts you in some kind of meditative state because of its hypnotic packaging.

Texture: It's all right, a good chew, as most Stride gum is.  Not much to report here.

Presentation: Ok, so in my imaginary Stride Tropical Trance development model, the marketing people received this sweet, nondescript gum and were charged with coming up with something that might entice a consumer to purchase it.  Somebody in that office flipped through their backlog of ideas that don't pertain to any flavor in particular, and found this one, which seemed to everybody to be a pretty cool idea. Thus, Tropical Trance was born.  Whether or not anybody researched the hypnotic nature of the swirly design on the package is yet to be determined, so let me know if you start acting out of the ordinary and doing something really strange like buying this gum more than once.

Overall:  You're getting sleepy... yes... yes... you're getting sleeeeepy.  Now spit out the gum... yes, that's right... and move on to another flavor.  This one's gross.

Rating: o (one gumball


Chris said...

My SO brought me home a three pack of this, I chewed through it as to not hurt her feelings but man was it nasty.

You guys planning on reviewing the new "ID" gum from stride? Neat packaging!

Brian said...

I had to try it out last week after seeing it. It is different, and not always in a good way.

The initial smell after tearing open the plastic wrapper was not at all good. The first chew was alright. Then it got slightly better for a bit, but got bad quickly.

Won't be buying it again.

Anonymous said...

Planning on doing a review for Stride iD gum?

I'm a huge fan of this blog- Being a "gum collector", I always get super excited when I find a gum that I haven't tried. Keep it up!

A note on Stride Tropical Trance... It smells funky, and does not taste mysterious... just kind of gross.

Anonymous said...

You guys have been failing lately. POST SOME MORE REVIEWS ALREADY!!!

Anonymous said...

Had to look up a review for this stuff just to say three words... Flinstones Chewable Vitamins. ICK.

Anonymous said...

You should do a review for the Stride iD gum, it's amazing!
PS, j'dore this blog, I always check it when I don't know what gum to try next!

Anonymous said...

do you still post?

Anonymous said...

this gum is the so shut it

Anonymous said...

It taste and smells like piña colada, you guys have no tastebuda

1-2-3eyesonme said...

gad this is disgusting, it was hard to chew from the minute i popped it into my mouth, then it started emitting this soapy flavour, after a few minutes of chewing the soapy flavour started fading away, but damn it is NAH-STEE.

defs not purchasing again, this is going for a refund.

TheCatsMeow said...

Love this site. I tried this gum on a whim as I am an avid lover of gum and a lot of different and varied gum products (i.e. gum "powders", bubblegum ice cream, bubblegum flavored soda, etc.) and always keep my eyes peeled to try out new flavors from different brands. That said, I HATED this gum. I'm glad I only bought one pack of this, halfway through it and I was literally debating whether to just junk the rest or chew it. As I hate to waste, I chewed the last half in one big go to get it over with, but believe me, it was a chore. I will never be picking this particular flavor up again.

Anonymous said...

I bought one yesterday smelt good put it in my tastes good and then it tasted like the smell of a bar o' soap

Anonymous said...

I don't understand, this gum is absolutely amazing ;-; I go back and buy it again and again and again and again and again and again and... Well you get the point.

Anonymous said...

Please add more reviews!!! I absolutely LOVE your Blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Why you no post anymore?!?!

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