Extra Dessert Delights – Root Beer Float

Flavor: The gum has a definite root beeriness to it, for sure.  There’s a slight bit of creaminess as well, but not as much as I’d expect if I were comparing it to an actual root beer float.  Granted it’s been a long time since I’ve had one, but if I recall correctly, the best part of a root beer float, to me, is those little crystals that form when the two entwine together.  Don’t confuse that for a “texture,” however… it’s definitely a taste I’m referring to.  It’s a delightfully carbonated sweet slushy cream that refreshes on a hot day as well as satisfies a sweet tooth.  This gum, which super-duper sugary sweet to the point where you marvel at how aspartame can taste so much like actual sugar, doesn’t have any of that refreshing quality at all.  I’d forgive them on it, but the Mint Chocolate Chip variety of the same gum illustrates my point very well.

Texture: This is my kinda texture.  For those that like a firmer, meatier chew, this gum is perfect.  It’s not sticky, it holds its shape very well, and it makes some fantastic pops and cracks.  If you’re a champion bubble blower, look elsewhere – this gum lacks that kind of elasticity.

Presentation: Nothing new here from Extra. They’ve found a groove with the Dessert Delights line, and they’re sticking to the simplicity of color-coordinated waves and an enticing photo of the delight.  It works.

Overall: Another fine showing from Extra here.  While some of the Dessert Delight flavors aren’t exactly my cup of tea, they are all fantastic representations of desserts.  While I can’t say that chewing a piece of this will quench a craving if I’m actually hankering for a bona fide Root Beer Float, it will soothe a raging sweet tooth and save a few hundred calories.

Rating: oooo (four gumballs)