Sunday, May 27, 2012

International Showcase: Wrigley's Extra Gum, China Edition

Flavor: Sometimes it's good to have a reputation.  When people know you have a gum blog, they feel compelled to bring you gum they come across in their travels in far-off lands.  Such was the case with this landmine of gum brought to us from my boyfriend's colleague who happened to be travelling in China recently. As I don't speak Chinese,  I'm assuming based on the pictures what the flavors of each are supposed to be, and based on that, here's a breakdown of the flavors and my initial impressions of each:

  • Lemon: Extra, you've been holding back on us here in America!  This is a truly delightful flavor-- a well executed lemon flavor, finally-- this is something we're sorely lacking in our country.  I've yet to come across a successful lemon flavored gum-- in fact, I have hardly even seen any lemon flavored gum, let alone a good one.  This flavor utilizes a mild "mint" undertone to emulate the cooling sensation of a glass of lemonade on a hot summer day.  It's sweet, lemony, and refreshing.  
  • Blueberry:  I haven't come across many blueberry gums in my travels, either.  The blueberry is less impressive than the lemon, much more nutra-sweet than pure blueberry flavor.  It's pretty good, though, and better than most nondescript berry flavors available in the US. 
  • Tropical? (kiwi, pineapple, orange, papaya): This one here is kind of weird.  It actually tastes more like bubblegum than any of the fruits pictured on the label.  It's a good bubblegum, don't get me wrong.  But it's definitely just bubblegum to me. 
  • Spearmint:  Yum!  I'm not sure if it's the same Extra spearmint we have in America, but it sure is cool and refreshing.  Slightly sweet (just slightly), and a solid mint burst.  Less of your typical "spearmint" flavoring, though, and more just good, starlight-mint-esque flavor. 

Texture: All of these gums offer a nice texture to go along with the flavor.  They're just firm enough, meaty, and have a nice, even texture throughout the chew.  The only one that's a little weird is the green pack, as it gets sort of foamy in your mouth, but it's not a deal breaker. 

Presentation: Brand awareness at it's best! You don't need to know Chinese to know that these are Extra gums.  Simple, sleek, and to the point, the packaging breaks through language barriers.  On the back of the packaging and on the individual wrappers, it does say "Extra" in English, but I don't know ifthat it's even necessary.  My intuition tells me I could see a pack of Extra gum in any language and understand what I'm getting.  Well done, Wrigley's, well done. 

Overall: Although I would like to travel the world and collect gum from nations far and wide, I so appreciate when people think of me and bring a little bit of their trip home to share.  And I even more appreciate that I can spread the word to all of you.  So, if your travels find you in China, and you're hankering for a solid pack of gum, keep an eye out for that familiar Extra packaging, and you pretty much can't go wrong with whatever variety you find.  

Rating: ooooo (five gumballs


Edixon said...

Im surprised i remember the last time i commented here, it was new year or something like that, but i cant remember if it was last year :D so yeah... I was looking on the internet for some info on HSDPA improvements over UMTS (telephony test tomorrow) and somehow i thought of this blog, i went on a meditation journey to figure out the name of the blog, but at the end i just typed Gum Blog on google are this was the 4th result :D , this post was great, international gum, makes you wonder how russian or indias gum taste like :D

Anonymous said...

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TheCatsMeow said...

I would love to get me some lemon flavored gum, blueberry maybe, but I've been burned on that flavor in gum before.

Lucia said...

Oh god, I used to live in China (2005 - 2012), and my mom would buy me that spearmint gum in wholesale cartons. My favorite gum, from what was available in China.

I remember about ten years ago (I was 12) when that blueberry one just came out, and we were already planning on moving to China, so my family would go there every vacation we had to set up the house, and I would get that gum. I loved the flavor, but it would always melt after about 15 minutes of chewing and become this powdery-textured liquid blob that you would eventually have to dribble out of your mouth (you couldn't even spit it out, it held no shape) into a trash can. I haven't tried it in ten years so I don't know how it is now.

jenn said...

I need to make sure you guys know that Extra Dessert Delights has released a Lemon Tart flavor, and it KICKS SOME ASS.....

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