Sunday, March 18, 2012

Trident Vitality Balance

Be sure to read to the end of this one to find out how you can enter to win some free gum!

Flavor: This is a nice, mellow citrus.  While it has a bit of a tang, there's no real power behind the flavor, and that's not necessarily a bad thing.  I've never really been able to pick out a "pomegranate" flavor in anything other than a straight-up pomegranate, but the tangerine comes through really nicely here.

Texture: This is softer than a standard pellet in terms of initial crunch, and it remains soft throughout the chew.  (We've seen this in other Trident Vitality varieties.)  It's not terrible, though, and some chewers might prefer it.

Presentation: We've discussed the Vitality package design before-- it looks nice but lacks real purpose.  I still find the "box" format annoying and would prefer the standard sleeve.

Overall:  According to the Nutrition Information, one piece of this gum contains 10% of your daily Vitamin C.  That's nothing to sneeze at, especially if you're a gum-addict like me.  I could easily chew through half a pack in an afternoon, and there's half my RDV right there.  It's a nice gum, but I can't get past the softness.  I do have to give Trident credit for staying true to the formula with each new addition to the Vitality line (unlike other brands... I'm lookin' at YOU, Wrigley's 5). 

Rating: oooo (four gumballs)

WHO WANTS SOME FREE GUM???  Our friends at Rev7 were nice enough to send us some samples to share with our readers!  To enter to win, just send an email to with the subject line "I WANT FREE GUM."  In the body, tell us what gum you want us to review next!  We'll pick five emails at random and send you some samples of Rev7 gum, and maybe some other surprises from our stash of leftovers.  Get your emails in by April 1st.


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3OH!3 lover said...

Could you review 5 RPM gum? Also there is an Orbit Melon Remix and Extra Dessert Delights Rainbow Sherbet- don't know if it is still available (it was a limited edition flavor). Well those are good gums that you should review next!

BillyBoi said...

have you chosen the winners yet?

Anonymous said...

Well this is a good gum- when we do something with a yoga mat at a sleepover on Friday I'll give this out. It's so delicious! Oh BTW I picked up 2 new gums that are absolutely AMAZING- Trident Layers Juicy Berry & Tangy Tangerine and Stride Tropical Trance. Found them at Target. They are really good gumz, then I found 5's Cobalt in a pellet form! Apparently this is when all the good gumz come out.

Yeah, if you can't tell, I'm a Directioner ;)

I Love One Direction said...

Oh and my name's supposed 2 b "I <3 One Direction" Blogger didn't do that though.....

I Love One Direction said...

I saw (and bought) Trident Layers Juicy Berry and Tangy Tangerine and Stride Tropical Trance.
Check them out! Can't wait for you guys to review them!!!

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