Mentos Up2U Sweet Mint and Bubble Fresh

Flavor : This flavor combination is classic. It’s mint and bubblegum, the two staples, together at last in their cozy dual pack. I’m not so nuts about Mentos UP2U Mandarin Strawberry and Spearmint, and the more I think about it, the main reason it just doesn’t coalesce as a complete product is because the two elements are not complimentary. There is no common denominator between mandarin strawberry and spearmint except that they’re both flavors of gum. But mint and bubblegum are the old standbys, and are even combined successfully elsewhere, as in Orbit Bubblemint. The packaging naturally allows for some mixing of flavors, and I don’t mind a nice cool finish to my bubblegum. On the same point, it was a smart move to call the mint “Sweet Mint,” as that forgives the potential crossover of sweet bubblegum flavor to the mint flavor. There’s sort of a funny aftertaste in the bubble flavor, but it’s overall a fine bubble flavor, and the same goes for the mint.

Texture : The texture is great, a little firmer than some gums, but in a good way. It’s consistent and lacking in many common texture flaws like squeakiness and disintegrating.

Presentation : The inside of the package quotes Irish playwright John Millington Synge, “All art is collaboration.” I respect that mentos respects its product enough to call it art. It also says “A choice for every moment of the day.” Unlike Mandarin Strawberry and Spearmint, I wouldn’t be hard-pressed to find people who enjoy both bubblegum and minty gum. Who doesn’t like a good piece of bubblegum? Who doesn’t like fresh breath?

Overall : Way to go, mentos! You’ve successfully executed this concept. A classic combo with a modern twist.

Rating: ooooo (five gumballs )

pür gum – eXcitemint

This review is sponsored by our friends at pür gum!

Flavor: This has got some serious power! Nasal-clearing, breath-freshening, throat-cooling awesomeness in a pellet. It’s one of the stronger mints I’ve tasted, and it’s just fantastic. Go ahead – eat that garlic bread. With pur in your pocket, you’ve got nothing to worry about. The flavor has nice longevity, also – mellows a bit, but stays flavorful and minty.

Texture: Starts off a bit on the tough side, but softens up as you chew. It should be noted that one pellet is kind of small, it takes two to get a nicely-sized wad.

Presentation: As with other pür gums we’ve reviewed, this is your quintessential no-frills packaging. pür lets the gum do all the work, as it should be.

Overall: If this gum weren’t aspartame free and soy free, it would still be an awesome gum. The added health benefit of no aspartame, and the awesomeness of an option for the soy-allergic are icing on the gumcake. Another win in a fab line of gum.

Rating: ooooo (five gumballs)