Mentos Squeeze Strawberry

Mentos Squeeze StrawberryFlavor: The flavor here is reminiscent of the pink pellets in fruity Mentos packs, which is a pleasant surprise, especially since I can eat as many as I want and not worry about a sugar rush. The flavor lasts about as long as you can chew and swallow a Mentos candy, however, and quickly stales to a dull berry flavor.

Texture: Ok, so here’s the thing, the gimmick here is that in the center of this gum is “99% real fruit filling.” Why, that sounds delicious! Look at that delightful strawberry just BURSTING with juicy strawberry filling! I imagined that this imagery would mirror the forthcoming burst of juice I’d enjoy while biting into the gum pellet. But wait… what the… is that POWDER grinding between my teeth? I immediately had to bite another piece in half to inspect. Had this batch gone bad? Was it sitting on the shelf too long and had dried out? Alas, no. This was an intentional powdered fruit filling, like pulverized freeze-dried strawberries, the kind you rehydrate with milk in Special K. There’s not enough time to rehydrate this powder with saliva before I’m just chewing on a straight up powder, though. It just doesn’t work.

Presentation: False advertising, bro. Not cool. Or at least misleading… I’m not sure many other brands will mimic this gimmick.

Overall: Correct me if I’m wrong, but I just think this is stuff is nasty, and now I have a big ol’ plastic tub of it to get rid of. Looks like I’ll be putting this out with the rest of the gum on my desk on work for public consumption. This one ought to spark some conversation, anyway.

Rating: o (one gumball)