Nerds Gumballs

Nerds GumballsFlavor: I only chewed the red one and the purple one, because I don’t think my teeth could handle 5 gumballs in rapid succession. Everyone knows what a gumball tastes like. Super super sugary with very little actual “flavor.” The red one has a slight cherry taste, while the purple one is somewhat grapey. The nerds do very little to enhance the flavor…

Texture: However, the nerds add a cute little crunch to the first few chews. They dissolve quickly, and the remaining gum is really hard and tough, like any gumball. You can get a decent bubble, but when it pops it sticks to your lips, skin, everything. Meh.

Presentation: 5 gumballs in a plastic pouch, nothing too crazy in the way of graphics, a couple cute Nerd-guys hanging out, but otherwise, it’s pretty plain.

Overall: Pretty much the only redeeming quality about this gum is the first couple of chews, but once the nerds dissolve, it’s just a gumball.

Rating: oo (two gumballs)