Mentos Pure Fresh Cooler Lemonade

Mentos Pure Fresh Cooler LemonadeFlavor: This one’s really quite spot-on lemony. It’s tart and sour, with even a little bit of rind-like bitterness thrown in. At times it might be a little TOO much for the taste buds – once or twice I’ve had to ditch the piece because I wasn’t feeling it. Also of note is the teeniest bit of minty-menthol. Normally this doesn’t work all that well in citrus flacors, but this one works great. The only thing I have to take a small issue with here is the -ade part of the equation. Lemonade is sour and tart, yes, but it’s also refreshingly sweet. This gum is really too sour to be called “Lemonade.” If I was bought a lemonade on the boardwalk and it tasted like this, I’d give it back for another scoop of sugar, for sure. They should have just called this gum “Cooler Lemon.”

Texture: It’s the predictable mentos gum texture we’ve grown to love. Nice initial crunch fading into an easy-to-chew wad. Prolonged chews will get slightly waxy, but not in a bad way.

Presentation: We’ve discussed the mentos tube and its pros and cons before. It’s nice packaging, and the graphics are holographic minimalist. mentos doesn’t need to slap a lemon on the label, they want to feature the product itself. I love the shiny, metallic printing – very eye-catching.

Overall: Another nice showing from mentos. Solid chew, nice true flavor. This one’s recommended as a summertime treat.

Rating: oooo (four gumballs)