Carefree Peppermint

Carefree PeppermintFlavor: As Shannon mentioned in her review of Carefree Original Bubble, it’s good to have an old favorite come inexplicably back on the market after years of extinction. I can’t say as I have the same sort of nostalgia for the Peppermint variety, but can definitely speak to its undeniable quality. In a market of over-the-top, knock-your-socks-off flavor options, Carefree reemerges in the same role it held so long ago– a really well done, simple gum for people who just want a refreshing, consistent chew. It’s a soft-spoken peppermint flavor, subtle in its strength, but super long-lasting and not at all as overwhelming as some other peppermints out there these days.

Texture: Carefree is what it always was– the perfect size piece with softer-than-usual bite. It does have a slight squeak, but nothing that would interrupt a conversation or anything.

Presentation: Shannon’s already covered the wonder that is the Plen-T-Pack in her Original Bubble review. The design of the package itself is nothing but a starburst and a brand name, that’s it– Hershey wasted no time reinventing the wheel here. They went with the classic design to accompany the classic product.

Overall: Let this be known, to all you gum-chewers out there who lost their favorite gums long ago to a fickle market, that there is, in fact, hope. Someone, somewhere, heard our call, and brought Carefree out of our memories and back where it belongs– in our pockets.

Rating: ooooo (five gumballs)