vitamingum Peppermint

vitamingum PeppermintThis review is sponsored by our friends at vitamingum!

Flavor: Brrrr. I’m usually not a fan of peppermint gum, as the cooling sensation tends to be a little too strong for my tastes– something about those Halls menthol sinus-clearing fumes that just doesn’t do it for me. vitamingum, however, has produced a much more delicate cooling sensation here. It’s subtle, well-balanced, and lasts as long as the other, more pungent varieties.

Texture: The pieces are a little small, but that’s a matter of preference. I popped a second in my mouth and was satisfied, and discovered that a proper serving size, according to the package, is indeed two pieces. That said, it’s as balanced a texture as it is a flavor, and provides a consistency that doesn’t harden or stale the longer you chew.

Presentation: There’s a characterization of flavors that happens in the gum world (and the candy world in general) that doesn’t necessarily correspond with the natural properties of the flavors represented. An “apple” flavored lollipop doesn’t really taste like an actual apple in most cases, nor does a piece of watermelon Hubba Bubba remind you of a cool wedge of fruit on a hot summer day. Take the packaging of the flavor spearmint. When you think of it, what color comes to mind? Green, right? Well, what about Peppermint? When I think of peppermint, I think of the green leafy stuff that nice ladies grow in terracotta pots in the summertime. But what about in the gum world? I did a quick Google image search on the word “Peppermint,” and here’s what came up:

vitamingum Peppermint
Meanwhile, a search for the words “Peppermint gum” produced this result:
vitamingum Peppermint
What what what? How did that green leafy plant become this crazy blue color? The peppermint plant itself doesn’t even appear on any of the packages, replaced by swirls and lightning bolts and electric shock stuff. I’m guessing the blue-ness is an interpretation of the distinct cooling sensation present in peppermint that is missing in lots of other mint varieties– a cool, glacier-blue flavor that refreshes your whole mouth and leaves you feeling brisk and alive and skiing in the alps on your coffee table! Brrr! (York Peppermint Patty commercials… anyone?) I respect this artistic rendition of the peppermint I know and love, and hey, vitamingum even puts a leaf on the pack!

Overall: It’s good for you, too! (Well, it has vitamins, anyway.) Although 10 percent of your daily vitamins in one serving of vitamingum might not sound like a lot, I can’t imagine chewing the entirety of this pack in any less than a day or two. So you say, (stand back… I’m going to try math) 12 pieces to a pack, 2 pieces to a serving, 10 percent of vitamins per serving and… um… well… it’s still better than nothing, right? I don’t know, you figure it out.

Rating:ooooo (five gumballs)