mentos Red Fruit & Lime

mentos Red Fruit & LimeThis review is sponsored by our friends at mentos!

Flavor: I think it’s hysterical that Mentos went with the term “Red Fruit.” That really takes some accountability away, huh? The package features raspberries, strawberries and… cranberries? Sure, they’re red! Let’s throw some cranberries in there! I’m sure they would have included cherries, Macintosh Apples, pomegranates and perhaps even tomatoes as well, but they were running out of room on the bottle. Humor aside, this is really nice. It’s a sweet fruit (I’d probably call it more strawberry than anything) with a nice little burst of lime at the outset that’s not too overwhelming at all. Really good.

Texture: We start off with a familiar crunch: Oh yes, this is a mento. But instead of the gritty, grainy sugar filling, we’re surprized with a fantastically textured gum. Starts out nice and soft and stays that way. With extended chewing it does get a slight bit waxy-feeling, but in a good way, if you can imagine that. Doesn’t stick to the teeth, no squeak to be heard.

Presentation: As I’ve mentioned before in my review of mentos Pure Fresh Wintergreen, I love the little plastic tubes that mentos gum comes in. The graphics on this particular flavor are fine, nothing spectacular aside from the abundance of “red fruits.”

Overall: I love this gum. I’ve been holding onto these last two pieces for a couple weeks now, waiting for my chance to review it. It’s a nice sweet treat that’s easy on the teeth and taste buds. By far my favorite from the mentos line, perhaps my favorite pellet gum, in general. Two thumbs way up from this Gum Girl.

Rating: ooooo (five gumballs)