Juicy Fruit Juicy Secret

Juicy Fruit Juicy SecretFlavor: I’m on to you, Wrigley’s. I know this gum, and your “Juicy Secret” is about to be blown wide open. This is no Juicy Fruit. It’s not even from the same planet as Juicy Fruit. This is Extra Fruit Sensations Berry Pearadise. Is it any coincidence that Extra’s website no longer lists that flavor? I think not. Oh, Wrigley’s. Perhaps this little stunt will fool gum amateurs, but true gum enthusiasts will not be swayed by your ruse. We know what’s going on. That said, I was always a lover of Berry Pearadise. The tang at first bite awakens the taste buds and fills your mouth with juicy goodness. You can taste the berry and the pear quite vividly. However, after the first few chomps, the flavor fades to generic aspartame-berry.

Texture: At first, okay, but this gum is way sticky. Don’t try to blow any bubbles with this one or you’ll be scraping a gooey film off your lips for the better part of an hour. The longer you chew, the less cohesive this gum becomes. I’ve only gone 10 minutes or so, but I think this might be one of those gums that turns into plasma balls and stimulates my gag reflex, as is common with other Extra Fruit Sensations flavors.

Presentation: Come ON, Wrigley’s! There might as well be a giant “S” on the front. Not only do you blatantly rip off the gum itself, but you ripped off Stride’s Mega Mystery packaging concept, too. I can just see the marketing meeting, “What should the packaging be like?” “Well, Stride’s mystery flavor is rainbow colors and question marks.” “So shall ours be, then!” Really, Wrigley’s? Really?

Overall: If I’d had the foresight to review Berry Pearadise before it went the way of Original Bubble, this gum would have gotten a far higher review. But since it’s a total rip-off in every way imaginable, I’m going to go ahead and declare massive fail on this one.

Rating: o (one gumball)