vitamingum Spearmint

vitamingum SpearmintThis review is sponsored by our friends at vitamingum!

Flavor: The flavor here is very subtle from the get-go. It’s a not-too-powerful version of the classic spearmint flavor, and it pretty much tastes exactly how you’d expect it to taste. Although I personally wish the flavor were stronger, I’m sure many people are tired of the new trend in gum that tries to slam you with flavor on the first bite and literally takes your breath away.

Texture: As Shannon mentioned in her review of vitamingum Cinnamon, in order to get at least 30 percent of all your daily vitamins, you’d have to chew six pieces of vitamingum. Now this sounds like a lot, but these pieces are so small that I can’t imagine myself chewing just one at a time again. I’m not a two-piece chewer usually, but the gum disintegrates quickly and there’s not much substance there. The texture, though, is a fine balance of firm and soft and lasts for at least ten minutes (…which is a good thing, because the directions on the package instruct you to chew for that long, at least. More on that in a bit.)

Presentation: Shannon described the packaging of the vitamingum line quite succinctly in her review. I have to say that my favorite thing about the packaging is that this gum comes with directions, in case you’re totally befuddled by this product: “Directions: Chew gum 5-10 minutes to ensure release of nutrients.” I’m a fan of really obvious directions, the likes of Pop Tarts, “Open pouch, insert in toaster, enjoy.” But I suppose the vitamingum instructions aren’t entirely unnecessary, as someone who is using this gum as solely a vitamin supplement might assume that a few quick bites would do the trick. I think they’re really creatively written, too– “to ensure release of nutrients” sounds very serious and scientific, as opposed to something like “to make your blood way more healthy-like.”

Overall: Folks in Texas probably would not be a fan of this gum. There’s nothing big here– little flavor, little pieces, a little bit of vitamins. But not everyone is in the market for these new-fangled, over-the-top gums in shiny florescent packs. Some people are looking for a little piece of gum to freshen the breath and add a little bit of health to their day. For them, this gum is a breath of fresh air in a market dominated by gimmicks and liquid-centered-flavor-bombs.

Rating: ooooo (five gumballs)