Stride 2.0 Spearmint

Stride 2.0 SpearmintTaste: Feelin’ the love. The first chew is a nice blast of spearmint, and immediately smooths out to a sweet minty joy. It’s not too strong at all, and Stride’s claims of superior flavor longevity are really justified here. I’ve chewed this gum for longer than I could keep track of, and the flavor never waned. It really is “ridiculously long lasting.”

Texture: I honestly cannot imagine a better textured gum. I can see it being slightly too soft for some, and I had one messy incident where it was stuck all over my lips, but that was becuase I was being an idiot and smearing it all over my lips while I was stuck in traffic and horribly bored. But, for me, this gum is smooth and malleable. There is an ever-so-slight squeak, so you might not want to enjoy this gum at a board meeting or funeral.

Presentation: Stride updated its background graphics for the 2.0 experience. Though it’s nothing worthy of great praise, it’s a pretty , wavy, eye-catching “ripply” pattern.

Overall: Spearmint is the only incarnation of the 2.0 generation that I could find, but I’m looking forward to trying other flavors. (I’m also interested to see if the new formulation eliminated whatever it was that was causing Katie to get sores on her tongue.) On the inside of the pack is printed, “Stride 2.0. We’ve upgraded Stride. Yeah, you’re welcome.” Thank you, Stride. This is a winner, indeed.

Rating: ooooo (five gumballs)

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