Lucky Lights Bubble Gum

Lucky Lights Bubble GumPresentation: I’ve decided that the presentation of this gum takes precedence over its other properties, as it is presented to children as a fairly realistic looking pack of cigarettes. I seem to remember candy cigarettes changing their appearance to be less realistic, sort of like the orange tip on toy guns. I also was surprised to find bubble gum cigarettes, as I remember Lucky Lights as chalky sugar sticks that dissolved all too quickly in your mouth. Alas, these bubble gum cigarettes taste nothing like the familiar candy sticks of days gone by. But boy, are they more realistic looking. I wouldn’t be pleased if my niece walked in the room with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth, brown filter and all (that is, of course, when she’s out of diapers). “Oh no, Aunt Katie, it’s only bubblegum!” Then we’d have to have a big stupid talk about why smoking is bad and chewing gum is good and never the twain shall meet. I digress.
Flavor: This gum is gross. It doesn’t even taste like bubblegum. It’s too sweet, and what little flavor it has fades almost immediately. I’d venture to say it tastes more like a cigarette than a piece of bubblegum.
Texture: Even worse. It hardened up before it even crumbled. The emphasis here was obviously on the presentation, and the makers of this gum felt that flavor and texture needn’t be addressed when marketing such a self-selling, sure-thing gum like this. I mean come on, kids, smoking is cool, right?
Overall: Wrong. Boo hiss, Lucky Lights. Now I’m sure this isn’t going to get kids to run out to the store and try to buy a pack of real cigs, and I’m sure it’s really fun for a kid to pretend to smoke a pack (hey, I ate plenty of candy smokes in my day), but I don’t think kids think smoking is all that cool anymore. It stinks, both literally and figuratively. I think the fact that I could only find this gum in a candy shop in Time Square (and a stale pack at that) is a testament to the fact that kids aren’t really eating these things up anymore, and that’s a good thing. Now if you ask me, I think this gum does have a chance, if only a slim one, at remaining on the market in time for my niece to actually show an interest in gum (oh, they grow up so fast…). And that’s if Nicorette steps up to the plate, throws some actual Nicotine in these things, and markets them to adults who actually would care for a smoke, but know they probably shouldn’t anymore.
Rating: oo (two gumballs)