Bubbaloo Bubble Gum

Bubbaloo Bubble Gum This review is sponsored by our friends at BestCandyStore.com!

Flavor: Oh, Bubbaloo. How I love you so. Bubbaloo doesn’t mess around when it comes to flavor. This gum is labeled “Bubble Gum,” and it most certainly is a great classic bubble gum flavor. I think the goo burst is a little unnecessary here, it’s a little too mediciney for my personal taste, but it fades away fast enough and you’re left with just the perfect bubblegummy goodness.

Texture: Bubbaloo, will you marry me? (Sorry, husband.) It’s smooth in the mouth, easy to spread on the tongue, and the bubbles are phenomenal. While I certainly don’t want to experiment with blowing giant bubbles and popping them all over my glasses, it’s not as sticky as a lot of sugar-based bubblegums… it comes off the lips and chin pretty easily.

Presentation: It’s packaged the exact same way as its sister, Bubbaloo Sour Cherry, so the same applies here.
Overall: If I were stuck on a desert island and could only have one Bubble Gum flavored gum, it probably wouldn’t be Bubbaloo because it would give me cavities and there’d be no dentist there to fill them. But since I’m not on a desert island, I would probably choose Bubbaloo if I had a hankering for Bubble Gum, because I don’t really want it that often and dental care is widely available.
Rating: ooooo (five gumballs)