Wrigley’s 5 Elixir

Wrigley's 5 Elixir Flavor: I tried this gum a long time ago, when it first came out, and I remember texting Katie, “Gum Alert. 5 Elixir. Do not try – it tastes like just that… Elixir.” On first bite, it has a definite cough syrup bitterness to it, although nowhere NEAR the atrocity that is Exclipse Breeze Exotic Berry. The syrupness only lasts for a few seconds, however, and it settles into a nice “mouthwatering berry,” accurately described on the product’s outer wrapper. It absolutely stimulates the salivary glands. In a way, it’s somewhat reminiscent of our beloved Extra Original Bubble, although the initial punch fades really fast into a sweeter berry flavor (not necessarily a bad thing.)

Texture: Fantastic. When you first bite into it, you think it might be a little too tough, but WOW. This is a great texture in a gum. It’s really “smooth” in the mouth, almost “shiny” on the tongue. Not too firm and not too soft, it’s easy to spread between the teeth for cracking, and it even produces a noteworthy bubble.

Presentation: As I mentioned in my review of Prism, I’m a big fan of 5 packaging. (The only negative would be that they started the whole “flat pack” trend, causing the extinction of my beloved Plen-T-Paks.) I’m admittedly biased, since pink is one of my favorite colors, but I really like the shade of pink used in Elixir’s packaging.

Overall: A very, very pleasant surprize. To be honest, I’d been putting off this review because I remember being really nastified by this gum the first time I tried it. A couple weeks ago, Alexander requested that we review this and Lush on our Facebook page, so I sucked it up and picked them up. I don’t know if they changed the formulation or something, but I can see this gum being added to my regular rotation of go-to gums. Hopefully Lush will provide the same pleasant surprize.

Rating: ooooo (five gumballs)