Extra Dessert Delights Key Lime Pie

Extra Dessert Delights Key Lime Pie
Flavor: Interesting. I’m not a huge key lime pie person, but the first few chomps of this gum really make me crave it. The flavor is totally spot-on here. You can almost taste each element- graham cracker crust, whipped cream, and tangy lime filling- separately. The flavor doesn’t fade too quickly, either. It does mellow a bit with a prolonged chew, but it never loses the Key-Limeness.
Texture: Big fat fail, Extra. It starts out so good, you wonder how it could possibly be sugarfree. The creaminess of the texture matches the creaminess of the flavor at first, but the longer you chew, the harder it gets. I actually find myself avoiding the side of my mouth with the dental crown, for fear that I’ll knock it loose with this gum. It’s one of those gums that if you spread it over your tongue, it almost feels like a latex balloon.
Presentation: Standard Extra packaging. I really like the font of the “Key Lime Pie” header for some reason. And like Katie said in her review of the Mint Chocolate Chip Dessert Delights, Extra should totally have taken advantage of the spot-on flavor of this line and called out its “Sinful Indulgence.”

Overall: When I first heard about this gum line, I was ridiculously excited to taste the advance samples that Katie got from a friend. So far I’ve tasted this and the Mint Chip, and I’m really not impressed with either of them (despite my sister’s enthusiasm.) I don’t know why, exactly– they’re certainly tasty enough — but they’re just “meh.” to me.

Rating: ooo (three gumballs)