Starbucks Sugar-Free Chewing Gum – Peppermint

Starbucks Sugar-Free Chewing Gum - Peppermint
Flavor: You’d think that Starbucks, a company known for selling a product that’s notorious for causing nasty breath, would make a gum with an Altoids-like “pop” to it. Not the case with this gum. It’s a very mellow mint, and the flavor fades really fast. The package proclaims a “cool burst of minty freshness,” but there is no burst at all. It doesn’t taste bad, just… blah.

Texture: This gum is really weird. First off, it looks like mints. It’s like someone accidentally spilled some gum base pellets into the breath mint hopper, and some warehouse dude was like “Let’s see what happens…” and this gum was born. It reminds me a lot of Razzles, except for grownups. It starts off really chalky and eventually does congeal, but the wad that’s left is really waxy. There will be no cracking or popping with this gum – it’s seriously like wax lips.

Presentation: Nice job by Starbucks here. This gum is presented neatly in a little slide-top metal tin, and all the little gum-mints are lined up inside. It’s almost like they could have added a special graphic or something and put a marketing spin on it, “Collect all four!” or something.

Overall: The only time I can see anyone buying this gum is on a severe impulse or desperation, much like my co-worker did. She ate some Mexican food for lunch and stopped for a cup of coffee on her way back to work, and realized that her carnitas were funking up her breath, so she picked up the pack in Starbucks. I certainly don’t see this as anyone’s favorite gum, or even anyone making a special trip to Starbucks to pick it up. As pretty as it looks, it’s not a great gum.
Rating: oo (two gumballs)