Orbit Mist Spearmint Spritzer

Orbit Mist Spearmint SpritzerFlavor: It seems that every time I’ve purchased this gum to review it, I eat the entire pack before getting the chance to review it. I’ve reviewed a lot of spearmint gums already, but this one stands out as a unique flavor amid a sea of spearmint varieties. Slightly sweet and delightfully cold, this Orbit Mist takes spearmint to a newer, more refreshing place– a sort of cleansing, wintery feeling, reserved usually for gums that use words like “Polar” and “Freeze.” I’ve found that most spearmints offer more in the way of flavor than sensation, but this is a cool treat on a hot day, an ice cube at the bottom of your soda cup, and it still has those green spearmint properties we all know and love.

Texture: The packaging attributes the “hydrating sensation” to “micro-bursts,” but I can’t help but feel like the “wetness” of this gum has nothing to do with the little beads that crunch at the start of the chew. It’s an enduring sensation, and does feel as though it’s hydrating, like that ice cube melting on your tongue. The texture otherwise stays just firm enough for as long as you choose to chew.

Presentation: Orbit Mist is all about the slightly askew concentric circles, perhaps imitating ripples in water around a raindrop. The package is metallic blue, and when combined with the circles, portrays the ice cold hydration that is present throughout the whole chew.

Overall: I’ve bought at least half a dozen packs of this gum (at least) before saving one measly piece for a review. That fact alone almost invariably ensures a rating of five gumballs, and most definitely does in this case.

Rating: ooooo (five gumballs)