International Spotlight: Watering Kiss Mint

International Spotlight: Watering Kiss MintFlavor: A colleague of mine was gracious enough to bring me back a few packs of gum from his recent trip to Japan. After I opened and inspected each pack, I knew that this would have to be my first review, mostly because I need to get rid of it, ASAP. To be blunt, this gum smells. A lot. I had to close it in my nightstand drawer because it was such a presence in the bedroom and actually inhibited sleep. But the smell itself roused many a memory in me, as it is reminiscent of the old discontinued Extra Original Bubble! I was really excited when I placed the familiar scent, hoping that this delicious, sweet, indescribably fruity gum was masquerading under a clever pseudonym. Alas, the flavor was a shock, as it wasn’t Original Bubble, after all. Upon my second piece, however, once I was over my grief for my old friend O. Bubble, I decided it was a pretty delicious taste on its own. It’s very very cold, and it is indeed quite wet, as wet, I’d say, as Orbit Mist. The bubble flavor does have hints of Extra Original Bubble, but is unique– a bubblegum base, but much sweeter. The taste is a little overwhelming, but not as bad as the smell.

Texture: The texture is also similar to Extra. It’s a good balance between soft and chewy, and doesn’t stale or harden after at least 15 minutes of chewing (I’m not sure how it’ll hold up beyond that, as I’m not planning on chewing it for much longer).

Presentation: Although the package resembles Stride or Orbit, I was delighted to discover a new gum structure– a three-quarter size traditional stick of gum. I thought this might disintegrate into too small of a piece upon extended chewing, but it actually has a very substantial chew. The package itself is unimpressive, a sort of Photoshop-looking shape and a gray background.

Overall: Honestly, I don’t think I’m going to finish this pack of gum. It’s got a really intense smell and flavor, and I can’t imagine having a conversation with someone while chewing it– it’s tantamount to a thirteen-year-old boy learning to wear cologne and stinking up the classroom for a few months before he understands “less is more.” But it certainly was an experience that I don’t regret, and the jogged memories of my special Extra Original Bubble grant Watering Kiss Mint a high-ish gumball rating.

Rating: ooo (three gumballs)