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Flavor: According to the Wikipedia article on Clorets, there are a few different flavors of Clorets in existence, but a quick Google search really only yields one flavor widely for sale: Green. There’s no mention on the pack of a flavor at all, let alone a specific mint, be it pepper or spear or winter. Green, in the gum world, generally denotes a spearmint, but Clorets bucks that trend. Clorets mint isn’t a spearmint at all; if I had to classify it, I’d say it were much more peppermint-like. Specifics aside, this gum packs a really great flavor. It starts off nicely strong, but not overly so, and fades to a smooth breath-freshening coolness. I had no idea about this, but the “Clor” in Clorets is a little play on words – Clorets contain Chlorophyll, which apparently has odor-absorbing qualities. Who knew? It’s certainly not a factoid that is taught in fifth grade science in the Chlorophyll and You: Fun with Photosynthesis chapter.

Texture: The initial candy shell crunch of Clorets is one of the best I’ve encountered, and once the shell shards dissolve, the resulting wad is perfectly soft and pliable. I feel it’s necessary to point out that Clorets is, surprisingly, a sugared gum. It doesn’t feel like it, in either flavor or texture. It seems like kind of a waste… if I wanted to promote tooth decay I’d rather chew some Bubble Tape or Hubba Bubba and have some fun with it. Clorets, as good as it is, isn’t really much fun. No bubbles to speak of – it’s much too thin and sticky for that.

Presentation: It’s old school. A cardstock paper box, minimal graphics, white text. Pretty boring. One plus is that the package is bilingual. It’s good that our Spanish-speaking friends know that the FENILCETONURICS CONTIENE FENILALANINA.

Overall: Man. If I asked someone for a piece of gum and they pulled THIS out of their pocket? They’d be relentlessly made fun of for the rest of the day. Clorets is “old people gum,” much like Freedent or Choward’s Violet Gum. Who chews Clorets, anyway? Clorets is one of those gums that I’ve always known existed, but I’ve never really thought to pick up a pack. I’m always kind of surprised to see it’s still around at all. When our buddy at offered to send us some gum of our choosing to review, I was immediately drawn to the Clorets, because I would have NEVER bought it myself. I’m glad they sent it over to us, though… it’s a surprizingly good gum.

Rating: oooo (four gumballs)