pür gum – pomegranate mint

pür gum -  pomegranate mint This review is sponsored by our friends at pür gum!

Flavor: First and foremost, it’s important to note that this gum is all natural and sugar free, as discussed in Shannon’s review of pur peppermint. That said, the fruity variety does leave something to be desired, as the first bite is reminiscent of children’s Tylenol and fades not even five minutes into the chew. If pressed to define the flavor, I might go with “pomegranate,” although I do feel that on the whole most pomegranate flavors are just sort of generically sweet and appeal to that “this is interesting and good for me” side of society. Pomegranate, these days, is like bikram yoga, or the term “green–” a fad for the health-conscious, trend-following public.
Texture: For a sugar-free, all natural gum, pur is really a stand-up competitor. I’d say that one pellet provides a rather insubstantial chew, and a second pellet would probably be necessary for an optimal experience. It doesn’t stick to your teeth like a lot of natural gums, and it doesn’t go hard like sugary gums.

Presentation: It’s as simple as the gum itself– it says what it is and that’s what you get. Aspartame free. No artificial flavors. No artificial colors. Ok, so an umlaut and the word “pomegranate” is slapped on there for a marketing pull, but you’ve got to have some kind of gimmick nowadays, what with Stride Shift and React stirring up such controversy and gathering so many followers. This line is Canadian, but I think on sheer composition alone, could stand a chance in the big scary world of U.S. sales and marketing.

Overall: Glowing compliments aside, I’m not crazy about this flavor. I think in time, this company may compose a much more enjoyable fruity variety. For now, this one just is no fun to chew. I graduated to adult Tylenol long ago, and was never so thrilled with the flavor of chewables to seek it out in gum form any time soon.

Rating: ooo (three gumballs)

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