Dentyne Pure Mint with Herbal Accents

Dentyne Pure Mint with Herbal AccentsFlavor: Shannon has already reviewed the basics of the Pure gum varieties in her review of Dentyne Pure Mint with Melon Accents, but I think we disagree on some points. As with Siskel and Ebert, I suppose the occasional disagreement is healthy. To avoid redundancy, I’ll speak on some different features of the flavor that are unique to Mint with Herbal Accents. Lots of gums these days claim to taste like “real” things– Orbit’s “Real fruit flavor!” claim, to name just one, is smacked on every phony uber-sucralose strawberry-esque gum (I’m not sticking Strawberry Mint in my rhubarb pie any time soon.). Dentyne Pure really does pack a “real” flavor– an almost peppery, subtle spice undertone that’s most noticable with the first bite but is present throughout the entire chew. Although I don’t know any natural element that would cool my mouth quite so much other than, say, ice, but there’s something natural in there that does come through.

Texture: The initial bite is the best part– a thin crunchy outer shell and a rather soft gum base, with a little burst of liquid on the inside. It’s a delicate chew, softer than other gums, and I have to admit that it can get a little too soft after a while. But pack after pack, I’ve looked forward to that first refreshing crunch, so much so that I’ve been through at least four packs before saving a pellet for a review. It should be noted, however, that leaving a pack in the car will cause the inner goo to dissolve into the gum base, providing for a much less exciting, but still delightful, bite.

Presentation: Another day, another gimmick. This one’s supposed to “purify your breath,” and yammers on lots of sciency sounding reasons why this gum will make your breath smell better than other gum. “Neutralizes bad breath odors caused by bacteria and food.” I think “neutralize” implies a stable balance– a tasteless ground zero that would leave your palate untainted and prepared for new flavors. I’m not sure I’d want a sip of say, red wine or orange juice after chewing a piece of this gum (although I’m sure it wouldn’t take much convincing). In the end, it’s just a tasty piece of gum to me. There’s nothing sanitizing, neutralizing, or purifying about it.

Overall: It’s yummy, it tastes natural, and I’m sure there are some kind of sciency benefits to chewing “NeutraFRESH.” This gum has quickly become a go-to gum for me.

Rating: ooooo (five gumballs)

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