Dentyne pure – Mint with Melon Accents

Dentyne pure - Mint with Melon Accents
Flavor: This new gum by Dentyne is just fantastic. It packs a punch on first bite, but it’s not so cold that it would make your sinuses hurt on a cold day. Although the package labels this gum as “mint,” it’s pretty obviously a spearmint. The self-described “Melon Accents” are just that, accents, and you really have to pay attention to notice them. I’m not quite sure what the claims of breath purification mean, but apparently the addition of something called “NeutraFRESH” is what makes it happen. Research on NeutraFRESH doesn’t yeild much information, but I’m sure it’s yet another concoction of chemicals (Retsyn, anyone?) that will eventually lead to our demise. But, for now, NeutraFRESH seems to do a fine job of freshening (purifying) the breath and giving your mouth a clean feeling. There’s a liquid goo in the center, though it’s not advertised on the package. (I imagine that’s the NeutraFRESH. The sweet, sweet NeutraFRESH.)
Texture: With such a good flavor profile and hiply designed packaging, you’d think that Cadbury would have paid more attention to the chewability of the gum. Like most pellet gums, you’re presented with a candy shell that provides initial crunch, and then dissolves. The gum that’s left here is way too soft, and it doesn’t seem to be firming up the longer I chew. It’s almost mushy. Between the liquid center, the crunchy shell, and the mushy texture, there’s just too much going on here.
Presentation: Although it’s the standard pop-out pellet blister pack, the package itself is very nicely done, featuring those “swirlies” that are so popular now. It’s really playing up to the iPod generation. I imagine my New York hipster friend, who doesn’t own a television and rides his bike everywhere he goes, pulling this gum out of his pocket and offering me a piece as he tries to cleanse his palate of the taste of a soy latte.
Overall: This would be a fantastic, 5-gumball gum if it weren’t for the awful texture. It’s definitely worth a chew, though, even if only for the NeutraFRESH. And it sure does look impressive when you pull it out at your Favorite Band That No One’s Ever Heard of show in the Village.Rating: ooo (three gumballs)