Clark’s Teaberry Gum

Clark's Teaberry Gum Flavor: Clark’s Teaberry is an old-timey looking gum with an old-timey, mild flavor. It’s a super smooth, easy-to-chew minty stick. It’s a pretty generic mint flavor, though if I had to classify, I’d say it’s closest to a wintergreen. The flavor fades quickly, and after you remove your wad, you’re left with the standard bitter aftertaste you get with most sugar-based gums.

Texture: It starts off a little tough, but quickly softens up to a perfect softness. Unfortunately, it’s a little sticky to the teeth, and it has one of the worst squeaks I’ve experienced since Wrigley’s 5 Flare.

Presentation: Clark’s Teaberry gum has been around since 1900, and it looks like the packaging has remained the same since. It’s a no-frills, retro packaging that warms the heart and reminds one of easier, simpler days. The sticks themselves are wrapped in coordinating paper sleeves with the simple Clark’s tree logo.

Overall: Check out this advertisement from the 60’s:

That about says it all. Teaberry gum is such a cute, sweet throwback to the days of old. While I don’t find my feet running away with themselves and doing a little shuffle every time I pop a stick in my mouth, I do find myself reaching for it more often than other soy-free gums I’ve purchased.
Overall: ooo (three gumballs)