Glee Gum – Bubblegum Flavor

Glee Gum - Bubblegum Flavor
Presentation: The packaging of Glee Gum is a really cute retro style box. It features a gleeful guy, jumping for joy at the prospect of chewing this All Natural Gum Made With Rainforest Chicle. Yum! The box contains 18 pink 1/2″ x 1/2″ pellets. It should be noted that if opened correctly, the packaging is really convenient and recloseable. The first pack I opened, I did it wrong, and now I have to be really careful that all the gumz don’t fall out. Be sure to press in the little tab and lift the whole side of the box off.

Flavor: A really pleasant, stereotypical bubblegum flavor. This is a sugared gum, so it’s not surprising that the bubblegum is spot-on. It fades pretty quick, and that rainforest chicle is all you’re left with – and it’s totally the blandest of the bland gum base. It’s not bad, though… there’s no bitter back-of-the-mouth bitterness, just blah.

Texture: A mild pellet-shell crunch is followed by a nice, albeit slightly waxy, textured chew. The texture holds up far longer than the flavor does, which isn’t saying much. It binds nicely and doesn’t fall apart or get too hard.

Overall: I’m nursing my 3-month old daughter, and recently we’ve discovered that she has some food allergies, which has severly limited what I can eat at the moment. Right now, I am off dairy, soy and eggs. Imagine my shock and heartbreak when I discovered that nearly ALL gum I had lined up in my Gum Review Queue had a suspect ingredient – Soy Lecithin. In fact, 99% of all gums have this ingredient in them. It’s been quite a challenge to find soy-free gums, and the Glee line is by far the most varied. That being said, beggars can’t be choosers. While it’s not the greatest gum in the world, for those with soy allergies, this is definitely a viable, chewable choice.
Rating: ooo (three gumballs)