Stride Shift Citrus + Mint

Stride Shift Citrus + MintPresentation: This is truly a revolutionary idea, and it’s pretty straight forward: orange then green. They call it Citrus + Mint, and they’re going for something more than just Citrus Mint like Orbit and other competitors. This gum is a shape shifter. They attempted to actually combine the two most basic gum characteristics together in one gum: minty and fruity. The package itself is nicely designed, but much like the flavors, the orange and the green just don’t seem to mesh together well. Something about this color and taste combination just… doesn’t sit right with me. It screams “Nickelodeon would endorse this, and not because it tastes good.”

Flavor: To me, this gum raises a really philosophical question: can mint and fruit live together in harmony in a single piece of gumz? It worked with peanut butter and chocolate sharing a cup, after all. But here, I’m going to have to be a negative Nancy and say that no, I’m sorry mint and citrus, however much I love the both of you, I just can’t see you two together. There’s a reason why citrus-mint flavors in the past never really tasted like mint. It’s gross. Brushing your teeth and eating an orange is gross. Putting a nice piece of orange gum in your mouth and having it “shift” to a mint (with that hint of orange lingering through the entire chew) is also gross. It’s not terrible, don’t get me wrong– it could have been a lot worse, but it’s been actually physically difficult to keep it in my mouth long enough to write this review.

Texture: The texture is solid (as Stride usually is), a nice chew that it doesn’t get too hard or mushy at any point. But there’s this horrible lasting film that produces in your mouth and that lingers for about an hour and a half after you take it out of your mouth– a cold, persistent film that’s worse than any sugar crud on your teeth after a piece of Hubba Bubba. It begs the question– what kind of chemicals are in this hunk of sensation? What did I just put in my mouth? Between that and the sores that Stride leaves on my tongue, this gum makes me think about giving up artificial sweeteners altogether.

Overall: In my humble opinion, Citrus and Mint are like so many American couples out there today– they’re great on their own, but they just don’t belong together. It was worth a shot, though and hey, we’ll always have the memories.

Rating: oo two gumballs