5 React Orange

5 React OrangeFlavor: This gum has caused much controversy, as far as Shannon and I are concerned. We’re thoroughly concerned with the marketing tactics that Wrigley’s is using here. The “Five” series features seven funky flavors: Zing, Cobalt, Solstice, Rain, Flare, Lush and Elixir. They all seem to hold stereotypical roles in their gum family, there’s the spearmint, the cinnamon, the mint, various fruit representatives. And now there’s these two nameless cousins, called “React.” One is orange, and one is blue, fruity and minty, respectively. But, much like “Cousin Bill” who reintroduces himself at a family wake, no one’s quite sure how these flavors fit in the family. The orange React tastes fruity, sort of like mango and that generic fruity gum flavor that shows up a lot these days. The flavor is strong at first but quickly fades and leaves you thinking about another piece. It does last a decent amount of time, though, even if it is a bit dull after a while. The flavor itself leaves a rather undesirable aftertaste of sugar substitute.

Texture: The texture is satisfactory, a nice bite that stays solid for a good amount of time. But it’s disconcerting that the React Orange is, in fact, black (as is the React Blue). When you spit it out, it’s an alarming shade of silver. My parents warned me against the dangers of playing with mercury when I was a child, and chewing silver gum will just never feel right to me.

Overall: This gum, however sufficient in flavor in texture, is just out of place. I don’t understand what “React” means, nor do I understand why it’s that startling shade of black and silver. This gum, in effect, is an enigma to me. I just don’t get it enough to give it a fair rating.

Rating: ?