Trident Bubblegum

Trident Bubblegum Flavor: Basic bubblegum. Trident doesn’t do anything too fancy here like some of the other new bubblegums… there’s no tang, no sour-to-sweet, it’s as basic as basic gets. Think Bazooka Joe.

Texture: When I get a gum with a texture this bad I often wonder if I happened to pick up a stale pack. On first bite, it’s really hard, and it takes quite a while to soften up to a chewable consistency. And from there, it remains hard. I think any respectable bubblegum should be soft and malleable from the get-go, and stay that way for at least 20 minutes. A bubblegum that doesn’t easily lend itself to bubbles is hardly a bubblegum at all.

Overall: Other than the fact that this might as well be a chewing gum, it’s alright. Certainly nothing to write home about. There are far better bubblegums out there.
Rating: oo (two gumballs)