Hubba Bubba Max Island Punch

Hubba Bubba Max Island PunchFlavor: As per usual with sugary gums, I feel like an alcoholic drinking my first real beer after many years gone dry when I chew this gum. The flavor is initially delicious, much like a fruit punch lollipop, with a little extra flavor that’s faintly reminiscent of cherry blowpops. After years of sucralose and xylitol, some good ol’ fashioned sugar and corn syrup really hits the spot. I imagine kids and adults alike would really enjoy this flavor. Fruit punch for the kiddies, rum punch for the rest of us.

Texture: I got to tell you, this gum can blow some serious bubbles. The longer you chew, the bigger and better the bubble. It’s got incredible elasticity and seems to be intended for the sole purpose of blowing some slamming bubbles and packing some serious flavor punch (pardon the pun).

Overall: Shannon and I both had to chew some sugary gumz for our professional photoshoot to update our disturbing blog picture (thanks Colin! Photo coming soon). Shannon chewed strawberry and I chewed Island Punch, and I could instantly rate this gum a lot easier than other sugar gums, because I had a fair comparison sitting right next to me (Usually it’s difficult for me to be un-biased as a loyal non-sugar gum chewer). Shannon regretted that we couldn’t find Big League Chew because it blew better bubbles, but my gum blew better bubbles than any wad of Big League Chew that I can recall. She muttered “This is disGUSTing” intermittently and with each utterance I was reminded of how tasty my gum was. This gum is really good, and I don’t even like sugar gums, or fruit punch, or green candy really as a general rule. I just gave my roommate a piece and I think he put it best: “Mmmm. Me gusta. That’s good.”
Rating: ooooo (five gumballs)