International Spotlight – Thrills Gum

International Spotlight - Thrills Gum
Flavor: The packaging of this Canadian gum boasts “It still tastes like soap!” and yes, yes. It certainly does taste like soap. However– it’s not terrible. The flavor is hard to describe, somewhere between a Choward’s Violet, a Clove, and black licorice. We were requested to review this gum some time ago, and just got our hands on some as Christmas gifts (thanks Sandy!), and to be honest I’d been dreading doing the review. I can’t say that this is my new favorite or anything, but I certainly can see it being an acquired taste. Downside is that the flavor fades really quickly – really quickly.
Texture: Here’s where it all goes downhill. I don’t know if we got stale packs or something, but it starts off way too hard and it stays way too hard. Too hard to chew for any length of time, if even at all. It’s like the gumballs in the little machines at the supermarket that you begged your mom for a quarter to buy when you were 7 years old, only to find yourself at the dentist the next day because you cracked a molar. Not a good texture at all. It’s a pellet gum so there is a candy shell, but the rest of the gum is so hard it might as well all be the same makeup.
Overall: This was a fun gum to review if only for the anticipation and the novelty of it. If I were Canadian I certainly wouldn’t buy and try this again, but as a Gum Girl by trade it was absolutely worth the chew. I thank our friend for requesting this gum, and Sandy for seeking this out and picking up a couple packs for us. The gum itself really probably only deserves 1 gumball, but the “It still tastes like soap!” on the packaging made me smile enough to throw an extra one in there.Rating: oo (two gumballs)