International Spotlight– Excel Inferno

International Spotlight-- Excel InfernoFlavor: Excel is the Canadian version of the American Eclipse pellet-style gum. Thanks to our friend Sandy, we got our hands on Inferno, the cinnamon flavor. Since I’m not a fan of “hot” gums and candies, I tested this gum with my roommate, who is a fan of uncomfortable burning sensations in his mouth. The sting, for me, was at first really overwhelming, and I thought it would please fans of this sensation, but my roommate felt it wasn’t spicy enough at all. The heat faded quickly into a sweet, more traditionally cinnamon flavor. I continued chewing for a while and I have to say it’s a nice flavor, and it lasts a pretty long time. If I were a cinnamon person, I might be really impressed with this gum. My roommate, however, spit it out and deemed it “disgusting.”

Texture: It’s your average pellet gum. The size of the piece is far too small, and the texture is perhaps a little too firm for my tastes. But it’s not a bad bite, all in all.

Overall: Well, Canada, it seems we have similar taste in gums. I’m curious to try the Eclipse version of this gum and see how they match up. The french alternate text was a delight to see, though, I must say, and the pun on Excel (“Excel-lerate your breath!”) was cute, although sort of a stretch. It’s not really breath-freshening, either, or “Rafrachaichaleine!” as they might say in Quebec. But it’s all right.

Rating: ooo (three gumballs)