Bubblicious Mango Peach Bursts

Bubblicious Mango Peach BurstsFlavor: This gum hits you in the face and leaves everybody else in the room asking “who’s eating candy?” It’s actually a really fine representation of mango, and it does indeed promise a hint of peach. It’s a “burst” gum, so it pops on the first bite, excreting some delightful sugary goo. The flavor goes sort of downhill after a while, though, too sugary sweet and eventually just faintly tasting of nothing but a gob of rubber (not uncommon characteristics among bubbilicious gums– and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, since when the flavor runs out, the bubbles are usually best.)

Texture: We recently had a request to review bubble-blowing qualities more often, and so I picked up this sugary gum, a switch from my usual sugar-free gum habits. As I don’t have much to compare it to as yet, I can only say that it blows bubble rather sufficiently. They’re not too big, and they don’t last too long, but they’re nice, manageable bubbles for idle popping while surfing the internets or playing Little Big Planet on PS3. The texture overall goes rubbery quickly and leaves an unpleasant foam on the salivary glands.

Overall: This is the gum version of Gushers candy, which is fine by me. But I must say that the longer I chew, my mouth develops that weird foam that happens while chewing certain gums. This, plus the lack of flavor and faint sweet aftertaste makes me spit it out with disgust rather than satisfaction. The sugar leaves a yucky taste in my mouth, but that’s just a con of sugar gums in general. I’ll brush my teeth with some Trident and save the rest of this pack to satisfy a sweet tooth at lunch some day when I run out of chocolate.
Rating: ooo (three gumballs)