Altoids Peppermint Chewing Gum

Flavor: Altoids Peppermint Chewing Gum tastes curiously like Altoids Peppermint Mints – Curiously Strong. It’s a fantastic, nasal-clearing menthol that takes your breath away and packs a powerful peppermint punch that freshens any foul odor on the breath. Garlic knots don’t stand a chance against Altoids’ fierce power.

Texture: I don’t know if I got an old tin that had been sitting on the shelf for a while or what, but when I first bit into the lentil-shaped pellet, it felt apart in a chalky fashion, not unlike an antacid tablet. I feared the worst, but it quickly adhered to itself and the cohesion immediately improved. The texture that’s left is really good, not good for popping or cracking, but it lasts a long time without getting mushy and it’s not too tough on the teeth.

Overall: This review was requested by Christopher, a friend of Gum Alert, and I have to thank him immensely for the request. I never would have thought to pick up a pack of Altoids Chewing Gum if it weren’t for him, and I have thoroughly enjoyed reacquainting myself with this great gum. Now, if you’re not a fan of REALLY strong gums and don’t enjoy Altoids mints, then this gum is absolutely not for you. But if you love the supermentholated sensation, you’ll absolutely love this gum. It’s definitely a target audience.
Rating: ooooo (five gumballs)

Bubblicious Mango Peach Bursts

Flavor : This gum hits you in the face and leaves everybody else in the room asking “who’s eating candy?” It’s actually a really fine representation of mango, and it does indeed promise a hint of peach. It’s a “burst” gum, so it pops on the first bite, excreting some delightful sugary goo. The flavor goes sort of downhill after a while, though, too sugary sweet and eventually just faintly tasting of nothing but a gob of rubber (not uncommon characteristics among bubbilicious gums– and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, since when the flavor runs out, the bubbles are usually best.)

Texture : We recently had a request to review bubble-blowing qualities more often, and so I picked up this sugary gum, a switch from my usual sugar-free gum habits. As I don’t have much to compare it to as yet, I can only say that it blows bubble rather sufficiently. They’re not too big, and they don’t last too long, but they’re nice, manageable bubbles for idle popping while surfing the internets or playing Little Big Planet on PS3. The texture overall goes rubbery quickly and leaves an unpleasant foam on the salivary glands.

Overall : This is the gum version of Gushers candy, which is fine by me. But I must say that the longer I chew, my mouth develops that weird foam that happens while chewing certain gums. This, plus the lack of flavor and faint sweet aftertaste makes me spit it out with disgust rather than satisfaction. The sugar leaves a yucky taste in my mouth, but that’s just a con of sugar gums in general. I’ll brush my teeth with some Trident and save the rest of this pack to satisfy a sweet tooth at lunch some day when I run out of chocolate.
Rating: ooo (three gumballs )

International Spotlight– Excel Inferno

Flavor : Excel is the Canadian version of the American Eclipse pellet-style gum. Thanks to our friend Sandy, we got our hands on Inferno, the cinnamon flavor. Since I’m not a fan of “hot” gums and candies, I tested this gum with my roommate, who is a fan of uncomfortable burning sensations in his mouth. The sting, for me, was at first really overwhelming, and I thought it would please fans of this sensation, but my roommate felt it wasn’t spicy enough at all. The heat faded quickly into a sweet, more traditionally cinnamon flavor. I continued chewing for a while and I have to say it’s a nice flavor, and it lasts a pretty long time. If I were a cinnamon person, I might be really impressed with this gum. My roommate, however, spit it out and deemed it “disgusting.”

International Spotlight – Thrills Gum

Flavor: The packaging of this Canadian gum boasts “It still tastes like soap!” and yes, yes. It certainly does taste like soap. However– it’s not terrible. The flavor is hard to describe, somewhere between a Choward’s Violet, a Clove, and black licorice. We were requested to review this gum some time ago, and just got our hands on some as Christmas gifts (thanks Sandy!), and to be honest I’d been dreading doing the review. I can’t say that this is my new favorite or anything, but I certainly can see it being an acquired taste. Downside is that the flavor fades really quickly – really quickly.
Texture: Here’s where it all goes downhill. I don’t know if we got stale packs or something, but it starts off way too hard and it stays way too hard. Too hard to chew for any length of time, if even at all. It’s like the gumballs in the little machines at the supermarket that you begged your mom for a quarter to buy when you were 7 years old, only to find yourself at the dentist the next day because you cracked a molar. Not a good texture at all. It’s a pellet gum so there is a candy shell, but the rest of the gum is so hard it might as well all be the same makeup.
Overall: This was a fun gum to review if only for the anticipation and the novelty of it. If I were Canadian I certainly wouldn’t buy and try this again, but as a Gum Girl by trade it was absolutely worth the chew. I thank our friend for requesting this gum, and Sandy for seeking this out and picking up a couple packs for us. The gum itself really probably only deserves 1 gumball, but the “It still tastes like soap!” on the packaging made me smile enough to throw an extra one in there.Rating: oo (two gumballs)