Trident Wintergreen

Trident WintergreenFlavor: At first, this gum had a lot of potential, reminiscent of Necco Canada Mints, or Wintergreen Tic Tacs, a nice mellow and subtly sweet mint. But it quickly devolved into your ordinary, run-of-the-line mint flavor, subpar especially for a brand as tried and true as Trident. My roommate described it best after the initial bite, as “a wash of aspartame in my saliva.” His face whilst describing the aftertaste spoke volumes of yuck.

Texture: Here’s where Trident really falls short. It’s too hard at first, way too chewy, and it quickly is mushed with this rush of cold saliva. I’m not sure what causes it– to me, it’s as if it forms a foam in my mouth, although others didn’t agree. The longer you chew, the more foamy it gets, but it does stay rubbery at the core. It’s just a sloppy mess in your mouth.

Overall: Blech. I’ll have mercy for the initial zing, but this one really falls short. At least chewing Trident helps fight cavities.

Rating: oo two gumballs