Sugarfree Juicy Fruit

Sugarfree Juicy FruitFlavor: I must begin by saying that a new colleague of mine told me about this gum after reading this blog, and following up on our conversation purchased me a large car-sized plastic container-full to test it out. And a fine endorsement it was. He and I, along with my new boss, all tried the gum out together, and the result was fairly unanimous. We all recall Juicy Fruit as it was in our childhood when it was made exclusively with sugar, and we all accept and appreciate the Juicy Fruit as it evolves with all the aspartame and malitol (and sorbitol, etc., etc….) That said, this fantastic sugar-free rendition of a classic flavor left us all reminiscing about our pasts, how we ate it when we were kids, warm and gooey out of a grandfather’s car or secretly in choir class. The flavor is just really well done.

Texture: The only complaint that any of us had regarded the pellet shape. Why is this change necessary? Sure, folks are fans of the big econosize jars for their car cup holders or desktops, but why take that familiar stick from us, we loyal and moderately health-conscious fans? Taking away the sugar is change enough, Juicy Fruit. It’s a traditional gum, and it should remain as traditional as possible. The pellets, in my opinion, are inferior, despite the crunchy start. Perhaps the guys over at Juicy Fruit felt the crunch might make up for the lack of sugar, but I really don’t find it necessary. The pellets are too small, and disappear quickly despite a really balanced and enjoyable chew. I need two to really feel satisfied. But once I am satisfied, I’ll tell you what, it’s worth it.

Overall: Thank you, Juicy Fruit, for catering to my sugar-free needs. I can once again enjoy this unidentifiable flavor to excess without worrying about damaging my pearly (or slightly off-pearly) whites. If it weren’t for the pellet structure, I’d give it five gumballs.
Rating: oooo (four gumballs)

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