Hubba Bubba OUCH!

Flavor: What does it matter? It’s bubblegum. I’d even go to far as to call it a superior bubblegum. (Most sugarfree versions of sugared brands of gum are superior, as a general rule. I long to find sugarfree bubbletape again.) But, big deal. It’s impossible to rate this gum objectively.

Texture: Good. Great. Fine. Awesome. Who cares?
Overall: Okay, here we go. I’m hoping that anyone over the age of, say, 25, can feel me on this one.
I vividly remember OUCH! gum when I was a kid. It was most definitely sugared gum, of the fruity variety (though it wasn’t a very strong fruit flavor – I actually think it was more bubblegum than fruit.) It came in a band-aid tin which made it completely awesome to a kid. It was an actual metal tin that I remember re-using for other gum, candies, change, whatever.

Hubba Bubba OUCH!The gum itself was wrapped in a paper wrapper that had a printing of a band-aid on it. Why this was awesome, I have no idea, but it was indeed quite awesome. I remember feeling like I was the shizz when a classmate would be all, “Got any gum?” and I’d whip out my band-aid tin of OUCH! gum and hand them a piece of band-aid wrapped sugary goodness. Oh, it was awesome.
Hubba Bubba OUCH! So what we can deduce is: OUCH! went corporate, but Hubba Bubba had the brains to, at the very least, continue packaging it in its signature metal band-aid tin. I can’t speak to the sugar content (anyone know if the new verson was sugarfree?) or the taste (it looks like there are three flavors in the pack – grape, watermelon and strawberry) but the look new look was fun, whimsical, and nostalgic.
But now. Now! Oh, Hubba Bubba. What have you done??

Hubba Bubba OUCH! It’s just a friggin’ pack of gum! It’s a pack. of. sugarfree. bubblegum. Who cares? The only thing reminiscent of the OUCH! gum of my youth is the band-aid on the front of the package, and the OUCH! logo. And that’s where it ends. The front of the package proudly declares, “Games INSIDE!” and you open up the pack to reveal:
Hubba Bubba OUCH! Oh, big WHOOP. “How Many? How many crutches are outside the emergency room?” And you have to search through the crudely drawn picture to find the 5 obvious crutches. There’s a little bubble “LOOK FOR MORE GAMES IN PACKS OF OUCH!” as if the 0.4 seconds of fun I had searching for crudely drawn crutches would be enough to draw me back to buy more OUCH! gum. Hardly. There’s not even any band-aid printing on the gum wrappers. It’s JUST. GUM. Katie and my husband both think that the “OUCH!” logo on the front of the package actually works as a reason NOT to buy the gum – that it’s some kind of super sour gum that will hurt you by chewing it.
Oh, I have been hurt by chewing OUCH! gum, Hubba Bubba. But not on my tongue, in my heart. No matter how flavorful this gum may be, no matter how perfect the bubbles it blows or how long the consistency lasts, Hubba Bubba has struck out big time with this one. They haven’t even tried. I implore you to boycott OUCH! gum, and just buy
Extra Classic Bubble if bubblegum flavor is the hankering you have.
Rating: o (one gumball)