Doublemint Gum

Doublemint GumFlavor: I’ve got to say this tastes like a totally new formula, all around. That said, it’s probably the most refreshing sugar-based gum around. Unlike its other minty competitors, this gum is not at all sugary– it’s refreshing, cooling and pleasant, no grimy aftertaste that lingers on your teeth and in your salivary glands. I investigated this phenomena and discovered that this gum is quite unique: In addition to sugar, this gum also contains aspartame. It’s the hybrid of gumz! Gum goes green.

Texture: I don’t ever remember this gum having little green flecks in it, a la Icebreakers. These flecks are not bothersome (as they often are in Icebreakers) however, as they’re not at all detectable in the texture of the gum. I must surmise that they therefore simply exist to enhance the flavor (and, perhaps, even the visual aesthetic). The texture of this chew is soft, like a sugar-free gum, but firm, like a sugar gum. The bite, much like the flavor, is long-lasting and enjoyable. (I have to add that when chewed for an extended period of time, it does develop something of a “squeak,” but not too badly.)

Overall: Ladies and gentlemen, sing the lyrics with me, “Double your pleasure, double your fun. It’s the right one, the Doublemint gum.” They make a solid case here. But I have to ask– is it really worth ten calories of sugar? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not on a diet, but this gum is really good, and I’d like to eat a lot of it. Does that ten calories of sugar that can rot your teeth and that might count in some people’s journals as “points” really bring this gum that far above sugar-free varieties of nearly the same caliber? I guess we’ll just have to wait for all those sugar-substitute cancer study results to decide.

Rating: ooooo (five gumballs)