Stride Uber Bubble

Stride Uber Bubble Flavor: Stride Uber Bubble is a nice bubblegum, but that’s about as far as it goes. As I’ve mentioned in past reviews, Katie and I are on an ongoing quest for a gum as good as our long-gone all-time favorite, Extra Original Bubble. Uber Bubble teases you with tanginess, makes you think that it’s going to give you a hint of semi-sour, but it just levels out to be your plain old bubblegum. Like I said – it’s nice, but I don’t see what’s so special about this bubble that they felt fit to call it “Uber.”

Texture: It’s definitely chewable, albeit a little bit too firm for my taste. From a bubblegum, I expect more blow-friendly pliablility to maximize bubbles.

Overall: There’s something wrong with this gum. I have meant to review it sooner, but every pack I bought has gone bad somehow. Once the protective plastic is removed from the packaging, you have a period of about two weeks to chew it. (Which, probably, is not a problem for most chewers, but I as a Gum Girl always have no fewer than 5 packs of gum with me at all time.) After a couple weeks, the gum turns like… wet? It gets all sticky and disgusting in the packaging and is completely inedible. It happened to three packs of Uber Bubble I have bought, and if this didn’t happen it would have rated at least a 3, but most likely a 4. This weird problem aside, it’s one of the better tasting bubblegums on the market right now.
Rating: oo (two gumballs)