Clove Chewing Gum

Clove Chewing GumFlavor: This is another “classic” flavor, marketed with Beeman’s and Blackjack. Clove, much like Blackjack, tastes a lot like black licorice. There’s a lot less information about it online, and it seems to be clumped with the other classics without much distinction. It’s sort of spicy, has that herbal taste you’d expect from clove gum. Indeed, the longer I chew it, the more the taste replicates those little stems my mom used to stick in the ham at Easter. I wouldn’t recommend sticking a piece of gum in your ham, however.

Texture: It’s a solid texture, almost too firm. It has that weird foamy-spit side effect though, which kind of grosses me out. But otherwise, it’s a chewing gum, not for bubbles, just for a good chew.

Overall: It’s ok. Much like my review of Beeman’s, I hesitate to really get in there and review this gum beyond the basics. It’s a classic, a base from which other gums have gleaned inspiration over the years. But, I must say, I haven’t seen “clove” flavor much of anything these days, save the cloves themselves and the cigarettes (which I also wouldn’t recommend sticking into your Easter ham).

Rating: ooo (three gumballs)