Beeman’s Chewing Gum

Beeman's Chewing GumFlavor: I feel like a film critic reviewing Gone With the Wind. Can it be done? Can I make an unbiased judgement on a gum marketed specifically for being a revived classic? Of course I can. Originally invented by Dr. Edward E. Beeman in the late 19th century, the gum was made of pepsin powder and chicle, and was intended to aid to digestion. To be fair, let me just remind the reader that these ingredients are nowhere to be found in this modern concoction. That said, it initially smells and tastes sweet and minty, reminiscent of Canada Mints, of which I am a huge fan. But the flavor fades quickly and leaves that nasty sugar aftertaste-while-chewing that makes you reach for a piece of Trident or a toothbrush.

Texture: It’s a decent gum, I imagine a definite upgrade from chicle and pepsin, although it’s Beeman's Chewing Gumnot done much for my rumbling stomach. It was surprisingly soft and the stick itself a lot more malleable than I expected– I’d thought it would crumble like many other sugar variety sticks. It gets tough quick though, so enjoy it while it lasts.

Overall: In all fairness, this is not the original Beeman’s, and I imagine there are some folks out there who remember the original taste and can vouch that this Frankenstein revival doesn’t compare at all. (Although, I imagine Dr. Beeman’s first followers might be sticking to Freedent, you know, for the dentures.) I won’t be buying this again, but maybe someone who remembers original Beeman’s might be able to shed some light on the subject and pursuade me to up the rating for reasons of nostalgia or reverence.

Rating:oo two gumballs