Trident Splash Orange Swirl

Trident Splash Orange Swirl Flavor: The packaging on this gum can only be described with one word: ridiculous. Its many flaws are transparent in its over-packaging, for example: obviously Trident was unable to secure the flavor name “Creamsicle” due to copyright issues and so there’s a picture of a Creamsicle on the unpleasantly fluorescent orange package beside the name “Orange Swirl.” They might as well have called it “Orange sorbet swirled with vanilla ice cream formed into a brick and easily handled with an appended popsicle stick.” You’re not fooling anyone, Trident Splash. The package also touts “NEW! BURST of Sweet INDULGENCE!” What’s with the weird emphatic capitalization? And what’s indulgent about a creamsicle? The burst is in fact a burst, as the gum, with its crunchy candy coating, is filled with potent creamsicle- (excuse me, “Orange Swirl”)-flavored liquid. The flavor stays for a while, longer than most candy-coated gums, but the texture…

Texture: …leaves something to be desired. It almost immediately becomes too soft and easily separated from itself while chewing. Not a pleasant chew after that initial burst of liquid dissipates.

Overall: When bro and sissy presented me with the gum, it came with a disclaimer: this gum sucks. Shannon said it was good at first but quickly faded, and Matt added that the consistency quickly deteriorated and left you with a barely flavored unchewable hunk of nothing (in so many words). I must say they were correct. It’s a delight if you’re craving a creamsicle but don’t want to (oh GOD forbid) INDULGE in an actual ice pop. So, if you’re on a diet this summer, and really want that burst of Orange Swirl goodness, minus the ice cream and the cooling sensation and the all-around nostalgic pleasure it induces, chew this crappy piece of gum, why not.
Rating: oo (two gumballs)