International Spotlight – MUST

International Spotlight - MUST

My husband came across a display of this gum in a local supermarket in the kosher foods section. There were a variety of flavors, and I picked up two: Mango Peach, and Extra-Strong Mint.

The flavors from which to choose were quite interesting. There were four fruit-flavors: The Mango Peach I purchased, a Cherry, a Fruit Flavored, and a Kids Fruit Flavored. The mints were interesting as well, with quite a few different strengths of mint, from Delicate, to Mild, all the way up to the Extra-Strong.

Here is a blurb from the packaging: “Kosher Pareve under the supervision of Nazareth-Illit Rabbiate. Product of Israel.”

While it’s pretty cool to be chewing gum that was made in another country, and also to be the first to spotlight an international gum, I have been pretty much dreading reviewing these gums. They’re nasty. There’s no going around it. Nasty.

These gums appear to be candy coated, but when I bit down expecting that familar crunch, I got nothing. It was as if I’d sucked all the candy coating off a piece of Dentyne Ice. The texture of both flavors was chalky at best, and with an extended chew it did eventually melt into a malleable mass, but there’s just something off here. It’s not smooth at all, it’s almost like there’s little mounds of gum base in there that for some reason didn’t get softened enough.

The taste of the Mango Peach is downright horrible. It doesn’t taste anything remotely mango- or peach-like at all. It’s a horrible version of the fluoride your dentist used to put on your teeth when you were a kid. I immediately spit it out, and if it weren’t for the purposes of this review, I would have thrown the pack away, never looking at it again. (Which I will do right now.)

The Extra-Strong Mint’s flavor is alright. It’s pretty strong and freshens the breath immediately. I couldn’t tell you how long the flavor lasts, because I couldn’t chew it enough to get past the chalkyness. Same goes for Mango Peach.

In conclusion, I certainly hope that this is not the only gum available in Israel. My heart goes out to the Israelis if this is the case. I would not chew this gum again if it were the last gum on earth, and I won’t even be saving any for my sister to try. This gum is going into the garbage, where it belongs.
Rating: o (one gumball)