Trident Original Flavor

Trident Original Flavor Flavor: The flavor of Trident Original flavor is pretty bland. There’s no burst, no explosion, just a subtle mint from start to finish. Trident Original doesn’t mean to be flashy – there’s no exclamation points on the label, no crunchy bits in the gum itself. Trident Original was the very first sugarless gum ever, first appearing in 1964, and it’s stuck around so long because they haven’t changed it. It’s a pleasant mint, it freshens the breath. It works.

Texture: Trident, as Katie pointed out in her very first review, knows gum. It’s hard to critique the texture of this gum. It’s soft at first chew, and doesn’t harden or soften. It’s just great.

Overall: With the exception of a reformulation with xylitol (which obviously wasn’t a bad thing,) Trident Original has been THE sugarless gum since 1964. While I don’t personally know anyone who calls this gum their favorite, I have no doubt that there are hundreds, if not thousands of people who always have a pack of Trident Original in their purse or pocket. I bet my Grandma would if she didn’t have dental work that makes Freedent her only choice. That being said, I just have no other option than to give this gum five gumballs. It’s a nice chew, I’d absolutely chew it again, and it would just be disrespectful not to.
Rating: ooooo (five gumballs)