Orbit Mist Mango Surf

Orbit Mist Mango Surf Flavor: At first? Awesome. Much like its’ sister gum, Watermelon Spring, Orbit Mist Mango Surf’s flavor explodes in your mouth when you first chew it. It’s a tangy, amazing sweet-and-sour, and the “hydrating micro-bursts” have that subtle crunch that’s unique to the new Orbit Mist line. Unfortunately, the flavor of Mango Surf fades very quickly.

Texture: I may be able to forgive this gum if it had an even decent texture, but from first chomp to last, the texture of this gums falls very flat. It starts out hard, too hard really to even appreciate the flavor explosion and the micro-burst crunch. There is a pleasant texture about 2 minutes into the chew – just as the flavor is starting to fade – and then it turns way too soft and sticky. It sticks to my lips much more than a gum should when I attempt to crack it or blow bubbles. I cannot chew this gum for more than 10 minutes at a time before I get annoyed and have to chuck it.

Overall: This gum falls short in every way. I’m quite disappointed in this line from Orbit. I’ve come to expect more. I definitely don’t regret this gum experience, the Mango explosion in itself was worth the price of the pack, but it wasn’t enough for this to be a repeat gum for me.Rating: oo (two gumballs)