Orbit Bubblemint

Orbit BubblemintFlavor: Sweet, traditionally bubblegummy, a really fine saccharine representative of what usually is a very sugary treat. It’s a pleasant flavor that lasts until you decide to throw it away, and even lingers for a good long while after you’re done chewing—which is a good thing, unless you’re sick of it. It’s such a strong flavor that it’s the kind of gum I can only have once in a while, but that I do crave from time-to-time. It’s like a really strong food dish (to me, like Indian food, for example), one that you love to eat but not every night of the week.

Texture: It has a really nice smooth texture that goes mushy but in a good way. The mushiness is just malleable, it doesn’t crumble in your mouth. It’s a different kind of chew, soft, yet stable. However, you’d expect a bubblegum flavor gum to entice you to blow bubbles, whereas this one does not. When I *do* try to blow bubbles, they’re sticky and difficult to peel from your lips after they pop.

Overall: One time I bought a pack of this gum and I felt like it was the most amazing gum I’d ever had. The bubblegum flavor was so sweet and cooling and long-lasting, the texture so smooth and malleable that I looked forward to chewing it and concentrated on chewing it, oftentimes while doing nothing else (This was during my college years. I had a lot of free time.). But once the pack was gone, I didn’t buy it again. It’s such a distinct bubble flavor that I just got sick of it. I’ll admit that it’s my best friend’s (and probably our only reader’s) favorite. She buys it by the can (the hard-shell variety of this gum is available in a little plastic jar by the dozens) and chews it regularly. I don’t know—it’s good, refreshing, I buy it all the time and recommend it to bubblegummers.
Rating: oooo (four gumballs)